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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Please don't release Riley. Please!
  2. So they're not done huh. I'm surprised they haven't made a main roster spring cleaning in a few years.
  3. Why would you want Riley to stay and be wasted? Let him go out and get some spotlight in TNA or something then come back.
  4. Would rather them keep him and realise he's talented, and then give him a push. You seem to think people can just hop companies every year, lol.
  5. Riley being released wouldn't be a career killer at all. He's insanely over, with a good look, good charisma and ability to talk and he is okay in the ring. Plus coming off of a multi year WWE run. That means he can make good money on the independents, in TNA or in Japan. Hell, in Japan he would probably make more money than he does currently.

    If Trent Barretta can be drafted into New Japan's yearly Best of super juniors tournament (A tournament for the world's best high flyers) then Riley if he went to Japan could be a star in their intercontinental division. Or a star in TNA.
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    The OP doesn't describe Riley though.

    For some reason Riley in TNA just seems awkward. He's definitely more of a WWE guy but can't get over due to political nonsense.
    Still have dreams that one day during the Shield's entrance Riley jumps the barricade and attacks Cena lol
  7. Someone explain the Alex Riley love for me? He's buff, not ugly, has a cool theme and can move around a little bit. Who cares about that fuck.
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  8. It's good for business. The guy's got star power for days and the fans still love him despite not being on TV for 2 years.
    Surely he'd be a better option as a main-event babyface than all these other noobs... lets face it they have to try someone, and there's nobody on the current roster would be better to try than Riley.

  9. "star power for days" doesn't cut it. That is just a generic term and very subjective. What is it that you think gives him star power? Because I don't see it. I also don't know what fans we are talking about loving him? YOu mean the IWC? We don't matter.

    main event babyface? JEsus H Christ he couldn't even become a mainstay in the midcard after a break up feud with a very hot Miz at the time, but we want him main eventing?
  10. Awesome mic skills

  11. He had some good exchanges with/against Miz. But 'Awesome mic skills' is a stretch armstrong if I've ever heard of one.

    My theory? Alex Riley is a good looking guy who isn't a putz and is extremely underexposed so the IWC latched on to him.
  12. Rubbish theory. The IWC adored him since his NXT run. His mic skills are v good. Way too good to warrant him being SO low down on the card. As for the future WWE champ line and stuff he gets, why not?

    Great mic skills - check
    Fantastic look - check
    Athletic - check
    Marketable - check
    Over - Still over after jobbing on superstars, so check.
    Ring work - Good enough for him to be a main eventer (check)

    What else is there?
  13. Just because he gets a check from you and others is not the end all be all. You are exaggerating on his mic skills and hell even his look to some extent. I can't comment on him being over because he is never on TV so how am I to gauge his reactions? He might be on superstars or some shit I guess. His ring work is trash. period.
  14. He was getting great reactions last year, a year after getting buried due to political bullshit. If they would have actually kept him going he would have stuck in the mid-card.
    But you know how this works: When they actually push the guy we'll despise him. We'll start bitching about his generic WWE babyface character, mediocre work, etc.

    This is admittedly an awful comparison since he doesn't have the swag and definitely not the elite ring work, but he reminds me of when Kenny King debuted. Whenever he enters the room, people pay attention.
  15. I just think it's his awesome theme that gets people hyphee
  16. I would go as far as saying you haven't watched Alex Riley for a long time. If so, why comment on him as if you saw him yesterday? I used to mark for him enough to warrant me watching Superstars for his consistent main event match on there, and he has improved tons. He has had a few matches on NXT as well and has done splendid. Exaggerating on his mic skills? No, he's at the higher end of the WWE spectrum with those. There are a few better than him, but they have had a LOT more mic time to show that. From what I have seen, and from what many others have seen, it's pretty unanimous that the guy can talk.

    His look? How can his look be exaggerated? What is wrong with it? Whether you like it or not, he looks like money. He just has far too much talent to be where he is on the card. I am not saying let's have Riley end the streak, I am saying let's have Riley have a strong midcard run and see where that goes. His last run in the midcard had him over as one of the hottest faces on the card, but his ring work did drastically let him down.
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  17. His theme sucks though
  18. Say it to my face!
  19. If I am to be completely honest his haircut is silly as fuck.
  20. Superstar haircut bro
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