News on Orton and Ziggler

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  1. Keep Ziggler Heel!:bury:
  2. I don't know where this is from but it sounds like complete and utter guesswork to me.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I also think it looks like guesswork.
  7. I'd need a source on this. This sounds like typical Meltzer detective work, putting two and two together and hoping the result is 4
  8. Ziggler will not get over in main event proportion as a face. Keep him as a heel ffs and actually give him heel material. Going out there and out-performing will naturally gather you more fans and get you cheered. If he cuts a promo each week - as a heel - then he's fine. What does he do now that makes him a heel apart from aligning him with Vickie?

    They have booked him horribly.
  9. Completely expecting Ziggler to be the one to turn, why fight the face pops, right?
    Then he'd be stuck as a "WWE Babyface", not be entertaining at all, and have the 5-Moves moveset... so he couldn't do anything that got him so over in the first place, and the fans will reject the living fuck out of it.

    Would pay to see Vince's reaction to that.
  10. :kiss:: LOL fire that Ziggler guy the Internet loved so much, he sucks now, and don't forget to give Cena the title again.
  11. Randy should dig his heels in and try harder. Microphone work takes time. :finger: tweeted once that Randy should work on the microphone and Randy agreed. Since then, he hasn't really done much. Try harder Randy!

    Neither :bury: or :smug: or :pity: like being the good guy much but they do put in the effort. Randy has so much to offer, but comes off very lazy socially.
  12. I say turn both, and have another feud. I'm still on the DZ facewagon.
  13. I really don't want ziggler to turn face. I prefer him to stay a heel who gets boo'd by the kids and women and cheered by the adult men.

    this is whats best for him!
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