Ring of Honor News on plans for Adam Cole

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Nov 21, 2013.

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  1. Observer.

    This could be a fun idea depending on how they play it. They recently did a take over storyline so they should stay away from that and do the traditional Horsemen one instead, a group of people just trying to stay on top and keep being dominant. Also I wonder who they will use to fill the other spots in the group...
  2. So we'd need an Arn and a Tully. I guess reDRagon could do it.
  3. That I would enjoy. ReDragon is a really good team but at the same time I would be disappointed since it would risk tampering with the chemistry already within the team. Not to mention Fish possibly losing mic time to Cole/Hardy.
  4. Silas Young could possibly fill one of the spots, no? Has that old-school feel to him.
  5. Silas would be beast. Perfect for an enforcer role.
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  6. Damn right.

    Who else, Taven? A new star?
  7. Taven is a no go at least right now. He and Truth are a very entertaining group right now. Just look at how over he has gotten in a relative short time, especially since he stepped up the ring work.
    I just wonder who they could bring in right now for a new guy. They have Adam Page but he is such a cookie cutter babyface.
  8. I see where you're coming from with Taven. HoT is a really fun group.

    I think it'd be interesting to see ROH bring someone new in for this stable IMO. Dunno who....
  9. Yeah, I'm trying to figure out someone that would fit into it that isn't locked down by Gabe or who wouldn't be on ROH's radar. Shane Hollister maybe but he looks too much like Jimmy Jacobs IMO for it to work. Monster Mafia could have been good muscle for ROH but the damn US/Canada border F'd that up.
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  10. Yeah, that sucks. Otherwise someone like Jon Davis or Brian Cage would have been beast to have there.
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