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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 25, 2012.

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  2. These odd stories keep coming out about Cena, being the bad guy it's only a small portion but they are there :hmm: Anyway I think it's more likely because he was too green to be pushed, remember the match at CP? Plus he fucked up a few times before that. They haven't had room to fit him back in yet.
  4. Well, strange story. But I could understand if he was de-pushed for being to green, however, it's weird that he's still doing nothing.
  5. Fuck you Cena. Alex Riley is a better talent than you
  6. Lol. WWE, where nothing matters except backstage politics. Making me a bigger Joey Ryan mark by the day.

    I thought they were making an example of the guy for driving drunk.
  7. Nah, just an example for being "rude" to Cena or something.
  8. That's even more ridiculous. Didn't Michaels get his initial push after he broke some kind of code? He showed balls, and Vince admired him for it. Now, having the balls to break some kind of locker room code is bad?

    Well, guess it makes sense, since the boss lost his balls I guess the locker room must follow suit.
  9. I don't really know. You mean when he broke up with Janetty turning heel? Not sure how he got that push. But yeah, nowadays screwing with Cena is not a nice way to get a push. I believe that if you want to know how to get a push you need to ask Dos Caras Jr.
  10. I'm the biggest Riley mark here and I still lol'd at this. No.

    Bullshit report probably. He was green, and still is pretty green.
  11. Riley reminds me a lot of early Cena tbh, I've never thought of it like that before. Both just have the it factor that you can't teach, a very rough diamond but an absolute jewel none the less.
  12. If he's too green, then why not keep him in FCW instead of having him get crushed by Brodus and Tensai and not letting him get off of Superstars?
  13. This company lacks logic.
  14. Experience. He was great in FCW IIRC. He just needs that on screen TV experience. He needs to develop trust, so officials know he won't screw up on TV.
  15. This is why talking wrestling is so much fun, it's all opinionated, and opinions can come from so many directions that it's hard to be wrong about anything.
  16. Yeah, he seemed really nervous on his Raw matches most of the time. I don't see him screw up that much on his Superstars matches, he needs experience. They could put him on SD, since it's taped, there's not that live TV pressure, he could get used to performing TV matches there and when he's ready (and if it's necessary) they move him to Raw.
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  17. +1. Though he was pretty good in FCW bro, check out his match with your darling Justin Gabriel :emoji_slight_smile:.

    If it were me I would put him on SmackDown, have him tag-team with an over face (perhaps Rey), then turn on him cementing his awesome heel turn.
  18. Lol.

    This one? (part 1, 2 and 3 shouldn't be hard to find)
  19. I always thought he was pretty dull but man he can get a reaction!
  20. I think he's pretty bland, so good riddance. He's still young and has plenty of time to become something worthwhile, however. These kind of stories should all be taken with a grain of salt, though.
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