News on Road Dogg's future

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Source PWmania
  2. Triple H playing favourites. Though Road Dogg might be good at this.
  3. Good for him, I want him to stick around for long so we have lots of "Are You Serious?" episodes to watch.
  4. how was he on raw if he's supposed to be trapped in a room with Josh?
  5. loyalty to triple h?
    has anyone seen the rf video shoot of the new age outlaws?
  6. Road Dogg has already worked as a road agent and producer for a while and apparently done a good job as well so that might also figure into his upcoming promotion. But the major part has to be him being a buddy of Hunter.
  7. I thought he and Billy slagged Haitch off.
    skip to about 10:30
    fucking loyalty my ass
  9. HHH is a no good mother fucker :lol1:
  10. :yay:
  11. Road Dogg is cool
  12. You do know Road Dogg is currently an agent anyway?
  13. If it was directed at me, yes. I even posted a post on it later down.
  14. HHH shouldnt be playing favourites with guys hes close to since hes in management now he should be fair about stuff like this. I bet the other road agents are pissed off Road Dogg is being pushed as top agent over the others who have probably been there longer
  15. OH YOU DIDNT KNOW! he deserves it, dude is magic on the mic and around the ring.
  16. From what I knew the New Age Outlaws and HHH had some heat, but I can't say for sure.
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