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  1. This was posted early today: According to the latest reports, WWE officials seem to be under the impression that Sting will be coming into the company for WrestleMania XXX.

    The company has been forced to wait to begin official negotiations with Sting until his TNA contract expired, but as of late, the talk in WWE is that it’s going to happen this year.

    Only Sting himself really knows what his actual plans are at this point, but the impression WWE officials have is that they will end up reaching a deal.

    This was posted later in the day of the 23rd: As noted earlier today, wrestling legend Sting is expected by many within WWE to finally sign a contract and work with the company for the first time in his career.

    While Sting may not have officially signed a contract yet, the talk within WWE is said to be stronger at this point than ever in the past. In fact, there has been talk recently about concepts using the phrase “A Man Called Sting,” which basically means they are already looking at possible creative ideas if and when Sting would enter the fold.

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  2. Yawn, I'm bored of this shit every year. If he signs good for him if not I'll watch him in TFA.
  3. These reports need to stop.
  4. lies
  5. This is the same shit we go through every year. Does Sting literally only sign one year contracts at a time, and they all just happen to be around Wrestlemania season?

    As always, I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. true it is TFA! but if there really make a strong case to sign this could be the reason why Brock is going after title now rather start shit up with taker. That was a new posted last summer were that said Brock would feud with Taker only if that can't get Sting to sign to wwe.
  7. You got me.
  8. alot of peeps seem to think his loss to magnus is more evidence of his move to wwe but hey what if its just a way to give him a break they are about to tour the uk maybe he doesnt wanna travel. maybe he will just flat out retire.
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  9. Sting was written off TNA last night.
  10. Or he could be used for backstage purposes or whatnot.

    I won't care what they with Sting, as long as WWE doesn't hurt him to much beyond repair. That's the only thing that worries me a bit.
  11. Hurt him beyond repair? He's in the twilight of his career lol. If he doesn't feel he is being utilized correctly, he can just walk.
  12. if he can survive the Joker gimmick what can WWE do to fuck him up?
  13. Guys like 54 years old lol how much longer does he really have left?
  14. Age is just a number dude. Someone told me this sexy beast was 54 years old and I said ooooooooooo he's a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad motherrrrrrr shut your mouth!

  15. Damn Nash looks pretty good there, what's he doing with his life these days?
    Sting's mic ability is outstanding, probably one of the main reasons I would even be excited if he signed on.
  16. Apparently he is going to be the lead in a television pilot. I pray to Pesci that some network picks it up so I can get my fill of Nash. inb4peoplemake'fillofnash'gay
  17. Oh lol nice last I saw him was in Magic Mike (gf made me watch) and uhhh Rock of Ages actually recently. Also he was Odin in Syfy's Thor movie a few years back haha.
  18. That Thor movie was so horrible yet I couldn't stop watching. The effects were so bad they were entertaining for the wrong reason :lol1:
  19. Haha trueee that, that's lately how a lot of Syfy movies have been :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. Sharknado, Sharktapus.. good shit.