News on Swagger's return

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  1. Swagger to save JR from something? :obama:

  2. That'll be good, about time they plan something worth while for him. Wonder who he'll feud with though.
  3. They should have Swagger team with Derrick Bateman and they can be the USA guys. If you don't know what I'm talking about youtube the usa guy
  4. This is good news for Swagger I suppose.
  5. I know off and mark for the USA guy. Swagger and Bateman could work as a team since Bateman has the charisma and mic skills and Swagger has the physical ability.
  6. there's been speculation of Punk and Heyman starting a new stable and Barret has been speculated to join that stable. If it happens maybe Swagger could join them
  7. Not if he is brought back as a babyface which seems to be the plan.
  8. I dont think he would be a good babyface
  9. I disagree, Swagger has a much more babyface like charisma that shines through from time to time (his Youtube channel is a prime example). He has this slightly goofy yet confident smile that sells him as a face and his looks look much more like those of a good guy than a bad guy, especially one that the American crowd can connect with. He has this "good old American farmboy" wibe around him almost. A prime example of this from fiction is Superman, who was designed to look like the "perfect American man" when he was created. Swagger has a look that would hit well with the crowd if connected with a babyface gimmick.
  10. WWE doesnt know how to properly utilize faces. If he becomes a face, 2 months later, everyone will be sick of him
  11. FIFY


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  12. Although Waco might be right in that the IWC will be the ones sick of him, the casuals will still not give a shit about him. Kane is right, WWE book faces ridiculously. There is no dynamic difference with the list of faces you can show me. All of them are smiley smiley goody too shoes. Just like most of the heels are coward assholes.
  13. No the IWC will love him. He'll be just like Punk. He's somebody alot of people want pushed, so they'll mark out for him no matter what. Doesnt matter if he's shit, they'll ride his dick like there's no tomorrow


    exactly. WWE has made faces equivalent to Superman. It used to just be Cena. Now it seems like whenever someone turns face they never lose a match or lose by DQ
  14. The IWC was completely done with Punk a month ago.
  15. No they really weren't lol. He had haters, but he's still and always has been one of the top IWC darlings. Derailing Punk would be as hard as derailing Jericho.
  16. I could see him coming back as an All American boy, playing a babyface, yes. Saving JR as suggested would be a nice idea.
  17. that would be too much of an Angle rip-off to me. The fact that he uses the Ankle Lock doesnt help either lol
  18. I don't think it can get much worse than his current self, but yeah, it's similar to Angle.
  19. I like this idea, would be a good way to bring him back.
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