News on when Undertaker returns to TV

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 26, 2012.

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  2. i cant wait that long :((
  3. Can't wait for him!
  5. Thats ages away he should return now
  6. AGREE!
  7. He can't handle a full time schedule anymore kids. His body is destroyed from years of entertaining you. Allow the man his rest, the fact that he wants to be around for at least a little time at a time should be good enough for you instead of him retiring all together.
  8. he had a break that said good now that should bring him back now!
  9. He is in constant pain! He cannot go for long runs. He has pain every day off his life and will until he dies.
  10. I read that his body is as good as it ever was or something recently. Whether he's hurt or not he shouldn't be on every week at all Randy. He'll just get hurt again, he's a WM guy now and perhaps a Survivor Series guy too (since it's basically his PPV).
  11. that u him part time like that did a few year ago it work then it can work now!
  12. No it can't. And it won't happen.
  13. Survivor Series is OK for me.
  14. :yes: it will!
  15. :no: it won't.
  16. :yes: it WILL!
  17. :no: :no: It wont.
  18. :yes: :yes: :yes: IT WILL!
  19. Only in your head could it work. Allow the old guy his rest. He has been in the business 20+ years.
  20. :no::no::no::no: it won't!!
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