Spoiler Rumor News on who the first Smackdown women's champ might be

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  1. Rumor: Eva Marie Will Become SmackDown’s First Women’s Champion - Wrestling Rumors
    Rumor: Eva Marie Will Become SmackDown's First Women's Champion

    You know I'm not actually gonna argue here because of what they are doing with her at the moment. I think it's a fine idea as long as she stays with her current character, I'll be able to live. But he question is how will she sneak the wins?
  2. If they want to push her as the biggest heel in the women's division, that's the right call.. Eva Marie would get so much heat if she becomes the first women's champion on Smackdown.
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  3. Becky Lynch or bust.
  4. When All Red Everything wins a blue branded championship...
  5. Putting a championship on Eva Marie?

    She works best a troll heel and nothing more.
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  6. Inb4 nikki bella return
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  7. Lmfao. Dirtsheets know how to get those clicks.
  8. I hope she wins becuz it will be funny and people will be pissed.
  9. Screenshot_161.png
    Hey guy's we're going to make Eva Marie The 1st ever Smackdown's women's champion!
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  10. Eva was the best choice, but I am okay with Nikki as well.
  11. The best choice would actually b drum roll please........Surprise return to the ring Maryse!.....#Just Kidding but that would b cool to me....Let's be real here I'm sure the obvious choice is becky or Nikki but Alexa Bliss I think she should be the 1st Ever women's champ she's a great heel and everyone thinks Nikki or becky are going to win. A surprise win by Alexa then have becky chase after the title 4 awhile keeps the fans on the edge of their seat.
  12. Well not her anymore obviously, most likely Carmella the way this is going from my point of view
  13. Lol
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