News on WWE's opinion on Mahal

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  1. I kind of agree. Mahals only real flaw was being thrown up on the main roster to soon since they needed someone who could talk with Khali. Had he spent more time in developmental he would be much better now. Thus he is spending a lot of time on NXT and Smackdown. He can be a great heel with time.

  2. Oh god I hope not, he's awful. Crap in the ring, no microphone skills, zero charisma and gets absolutely f-all reactions.
  3. He has actually improved tremendously since he started working Superstars and NXT.
  4. I guess I should watch his more recent work on there to judge how he is in the ring, but, he's no Daniel Bryan in the ring which he would have to be to make up for his lack of skills in other areas, which, as Hunter said himself " you can't teach".
  5. And when I was talking about improving I meant his entire game, just not ring skills. :jericho:

    Plus he has age on his side since he only turned 26 like two weeks ago. He has a long way to go but he can get there.
  6. Meh, just not a fan at all myself, find him incredibly tedious and would hate to see him pushed... opinions I guess :obama:
  7. not really a fan of his :/
  8. The only thing I've really seen him is the star presence tbh. He looks like a WWE champ.
  9. So bad in the ring, decent on the mic.
  10. I didn't think letting him lead a bunch of jobbers out to get destroyed by the Brothers of Destruction was supposed to be considered a vote of confidence...
  11. Argh, I hate Mahal, I just refuse to invest my time in him.
  12. I believe that too. He has the characteristics of being a very hateable heel, because I already hate his guts! :jeritroll:
  13. Can't really say much about him since I haven't watched NXT and Superstars recently but from his previous matches/promos I'd say he's average at best.
  14. Never been a Mahal fan tbh just don't see anything in him!
  15. Yeah he's not strikingly impressive though.
  16. Nice to hear there will be a Ryback feud but not on Mahal please. Mahal belongs in the NXT.
  17. I like the thought of a mahal and ryback feud
  18. Ryback vs Mahal for Summerslam pre-show then?
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