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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. -_- stupid goldberg just accept money and wrestle!! the idiot needs to be grateful that hes still relevant enough to be offered anything at all.
  2. Ryback shouldn't even be on the card at this point, unless they seriously plan to build him up a little in the next couple months. Goldberg has plenty of potential uses, but he'd be wasted on Rycrap.
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  3. Meh. Don't care about seeing a Goldberg match really, a return where he spears someone would be markable, but a match would just be terrible. A Ryback/Goldberg match would be just bland to watch.
  4. If he accepts/wants to put Ryback over, why not. Goldberg is a big name. He's like 50 though, and he hasn't stepped in a wrestling ring in 10 years. He would have severe ring rust lol. Plus he's always been a sloppy worker.
  5. That probably wouldn't be a good match anyway
  6. If the plan is for Goldberg to spear Ryback in three seconds and bury him forever this needs sorting. Saying that no doubt Ryback would injure Goldberg by just taking that spear.
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  7. Goldberg will injure Ryback by spearing him to death and Ryback will injure Goldberg by selling it poorly.
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  8. This just sounds like a terrible idea.
  9. I read something about a month ago about how WWE was actually becoming more open to the idea of having Goldberg wrestle someone other than Ryback. Goldberg has said publicly that he doesn't mind putting someone over but he doesn't want it to be to someone who has been "losing left and right."

    At this point, I don't see Goldberg wrestling or making an appearance at all, which I'm completely fine with. Can't think of who else he could fight other than Ryback and while I wouldn't mind seeing a squash match where Ryback lays down the challenge and then ends up squashed by Goldberg within no more than 3-5 minutes, I could live without.
  10. Can I point out I have no idea why Reigns and Goldberg is not the match being discussed.
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  11. lol Ryback would not go over Goldberg
  12. That'd make perfect sense, actually. They're both big guys, Reigns is very protected and has a lot of credibility and they both share the same finisher. Could turn out to be a great powerhouse match where they use Goldberg's star power to give the rub to someone whom they actually care about making into a big star.

    They could even save The Shield breakup for post-Mania after Ambrose and Rollins get jealous of Reigns defeating Goldberg and looking far superior to the both of them in the process.
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  13. Ryback should just die.
  14. Totally with how Reigns has been built now this should be the match. I'm confused as to why the WWE don't see it as its to blatant for even them to miss.
  15. You're just jealous of #MyManRyback
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  16. I'd prefer they didn't use Ryback at all. I would like to see Goldberg back in the ring maybe.
  17. Especially considering there's rumors of Reigns/Triple H being the backup plan if they happen to change their minds on HHH/Punk happening. That goes to show that they are already considering having Reigns be put in a role at Mania that doesn't revolve around the breakup of The Shield, so it's surprising that they haven't thought of using him against Goldberg instead. Then again, for all we know, they have and we just don't know it yet.
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  18. DAM IT U @Crayo ! anyway I have more news about this if u need it!? Its in more detail then ur.

    According to reports, the match WWE hoped to schedule between Goldberg and Ryback forWrestleMania XXX is said to be close to dead due to the fact that both WWE and Goldberg are far apart on the financial side of the potential agreement. However, one WWE source noted that the company hasn’t quite ruled out the possibility of a Goldberg vs. Ryback match just yet.

  19. I am not a fan of seeing this match. I never liked Goldberg and while funny, Ryback has a lot of work to do. Who would even carry who in this match? I mean seriously?
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