News regarding Sami Zayn & how Vince feels about him

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  1. Don't Cross The Bawwwwss!
  2. I don't understand.
  3. :dafuq: So he hates it when a wrestler appeals to the crowd? Really? How is that for business sense?
    Also, so help me if they make him stop climbing to the top ropes so much. :aries: That's part of his awesomeness.
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  4. I smell bullshit honestly. Stone Cold did it before, and Stone Cold made Vince a lot of money. There is no reason as to why Vince would hate this, it just sounds like some bullshit excuse to make up a reason to make a report that Vince dislikes something about Sami.
  5. Vince McMahon, there was a guy you created not too long ago that was arguably the most over star in the entire wrestling business. His name was Jeff Hardy, and why was he over? By going to the top rope and showing off for the crowd. No other reasons.

    Has your memory really become that short?
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  6. This doesn't really sound true. :dawg:
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  7. I surely hope not. I don't see how it could be. Even the wording of it is a bit off. Plus the simple fact of it not making much sense, but it's Vince, so he doesn't always make much sense anyway.
  8. Yeah, there's like no punctuation I mean how could anyone who writes professionally do this it looks so awful lol pwmania sucks it's time to close the door
    (wink wink)
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  9. I think this article was poorly written. Matter of fact, it's been known for years that Vince wants wrestlers to tone down their wrestling style into a WWE style. (Dating back to 2005 and most recently I could think of was Adrian Neville)
    With that comes reason.

    1. Less risks of injuries
    2. When you do a high-risk move, it captivates the audience

    It makes sense.
  10. True, I've heard before that they wanted Sami to stop doing such high-risk moves. (Understandable, but in a way also sad since I love high-flyers, and like I said to me those moves are part of who he is and adds to his overall awesomeness.) The wording of it to make it sound like Vince hates when wrestlers appeal to the audience was what got me.
  11. :facepalm: lets not appease the crowd. It's what's best for business :pity2: :kiss:
  12. From what I've seen from Zayn, he seems great with the crowd and awesome in the ring. I don't understand how Vince wouldn't like a guy like that. I think this is probably a false report...and if not, then Vince is going senile.
  13. Read that they didn't like his overly-choreographed moves, like his springboard arm-drags and stuff like that. No way they really want him to stop doing all his high-flying stuff! Dumb!

    Wait, both articles make no sense because he has an overly-choreographed top-rope finsher. :haha:
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  14. :pity:
  15. But thats how you get over by climbing the ropes and hyping up the fans Vince just retire you just dont get it anymore
  16. Oh like The Rock did for all those years in his entrance?
  17. I think this report is, most likely, either false or severely overblown.

    Vince likes his top guys to work a safer style, doing fewer high-risk moves that might lead to injuries. It's been documented for a long time and is the reason that guys like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Batista, and John Cena all got the "You can't wrestle" chants when it is well-documented that, in working in their early careers and outside of WWE, all of them did riskier, higher-impact, and higher-risk moves.

    If Vince believes, as many do, that Zayn has a big future in WWE, then it's highly probable that Vince (or HHH) has asked him to tone down his high-flying, not eliminating those moves from his repertoire, but curtailing them and working this "safer" style. He's also pushed other guys to work safer styles (Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy...okay, with varying degrees of success) during the decades.

    As for the "appealing to the fans from the top rope" deal, I have a feeling this is more about toning down the high risk stuff, as we've all seen a ton of top WWE guys go to the ropes to do taunts and play to the fans (not unusual: SCSA, Rocky, Punk, Orton, Christian, HHH and many others all did this/do's kinda strange, but I don't recall Cena doing a great deal of it, but he does it some, too). I don't think there's anybody in the back asking guys to stop climbing the ropes to play to the fans.

  18. Sounds like the reporter is either lying for views or what was said was overblown and taken way out of context.
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