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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 21, 2013.

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  2. It seemed obvious to me that Axel/HHH was never gonna turn into anything big once Axel got the Intercontinental Championship.

    So much for my previous optimism that Triple H was actually gonna give a rub to a newer star. Then again, as others suspect, Axel may not be a sure fire main eventer of the future anyway, though I look at his future with more optimism than some others do.
  3. Good. Axel doesn't have that much momentum. I am a person who believes young talents should face legends or main eventers and they should get over but not Axel, not yet.

    Hope WWE won't screw this storyline. I actually like it. I like the storylines which consists power and authority. Since Vince doesn't show up much on shows (This year a bit but in last 2-3 years not much) HHH should be on screen boss. We need a boss on screen more also more Triple H. This feud will go good. Wonder what will HHH do at SummerSlam.
  4. I like the storyline so this is good news to me.
  5. You know where this can lead? New brand split. HHH on one brand and Steph/Vince on the other. Gonna send a carrier pigeon to Vince to make him book it.
  6. The bird couldn't reach McMahon, he got knocked out by his ego.
  7. This report is terrible, no word on where it's going but it might go this way, makes sense bro.
  8. I guess their "sources" never know for sure since WWE constantly rewrite. It would be idiotic journalism to go ahead and say this is definitely happening if you are reporting WWE.
  9. It's not like they're saying that though they're saying they know nothing lol. They even say there is no word yet.
  10. Guessing it was poorly written. My viewpoint is that their source has received no official word on where the story is going, but the feeling he has got from within is that... etc
  11. I almost made this post but I feel like any time I come into a dirtsheet thread all I do is shit on the report, so I refrained.
  12. lol you should start your own dirtsheet by the sounds of it. You've got it down pat, and you have much better grammar than the rest of those clowns in that line of work.

    sounds good
  14. You can be the editor and I'll be your lead columnist
  15. I need examples of your work.
  16. Sources say that while nothing is official the feeling is something big is planned for tomorrow night's Raw. While this is the feeling, of course there is always a chance nothing big will happen. Stay tuned for more info.
  18. Oh damn, just an example. You're in.
  19. No HHH vs Vince? :okay:

    Curious on how HHH will control everything in WWE soon.
    Hope he'll turn and be bad again..
  20. I'm still unsure as to why Vince is even back on TV since Triple H 'relieved him of his duties'.
    A brand split would be great, however they want all the top superstars to appear on RAW so if it did happen Smackdown would become extremely deflated.
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