Games News Regarding the WWEF Xbox 360 League

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Fullofit, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. As many of you know I haven't really been active. It's hard to run both leagues. I've gotten really invested into the PS3 league so I have no choice but to only run that one. I am officially giving the Xbox League to @Adam Aries and @Italianman3100 to run together. I couldn't decide who I wanted to own it more so you now are Maddox and Vickie. You guys will make the match cards together. If one of you can't put up the card, the other one should. Not trying to single anyone out but Adam PLEASE don't be selfish. Work together. You can strip the last match card and start from scratch or work with what you have already. Goodbye Xbox users.
  2. Us PS3 users celebrate in the meantime :>
  3. Thanks for singling me out and not even asking if I can take over.
  4. I'm sorry, you told me you were. [​IMG]
  5. And how old is the message? Next time actually tell me before you announce it.
  6. It's an announcement though.
  7. But you can't just announce I am taking it over without telling me first.

    Match card will go up in an hour or so, @Italianman3100 PM or skype me.
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