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  1. My teacher in my Success class made us use this site a few days ago and I thought it was extremely handy. Newsmap is a site that has lists of the top stories in different countries (or all countries). You can click which countries you want to check up on (not all countires are listed) and which news topics you want to check as well (entertainment, technology, sports, world, etc.) If you want a quick way to know what's going on, use this site! The biggest, most talked about topic is the biggest box and the obviously the smaller the box, the least talked about and so on.​
    Just thought I'd share this with you guys. :obama:

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  2. It looks awesome... I prefer to read the newspaper, tho.
  3. I remember using similar sites in a couple of my courses in college (communications & media major). We did a lot of courses on press and journalism and differences in various types of journalism were sites/databases like that really came in handy.
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  4. That is coolio!
    I don't know why I read it as New Smap though :haha: :facepalm:
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  5. learn2read :tyson:
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  6. Pretty awesome.
  7. Should make one of these where i tell you to wash your cooch
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  8. Go for it. Would probably make me laugh :happy: :dawg:
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