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  1. Stars Of X will be posted on Thursday next week instead of Saturday due to moving issues with Sackfist

    1st Ever Sirens match will be on 22/09/2012 as well as begins the night where Stars Of X reference members posts. Anything posted in the discussion may be referenced on Stars Of X, so get posting anjd get noticed

    Promo writing: Stars Of X are allowing people to write their own promos after Breakdown. If you want to do this however, you must be an active user

    News: Y2J Enigma has unfortunately stepped down due to school so if you wish to take over, the position is available

    Breakdown is set for the 23rd of September, check the wiki page for updates. The wiki page is now located in important info for new and current readers.

    Congratulations to Hannah, winning Poster-Maniac this week on Stars Of X. The next preview card will be up shortly, if you wish to win, check it out
  2. My application for the news team will be available tomorrow. My computer kinda broke + Need to perfect the banner for it to look good. :emoji_slight_smile:)
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