next gen games - what are you looking forward to?

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  1. theres been a lot of talk on here about next gen consoles but little talk on the actual games so whats everyone looking forward to so far my top 3 picks are destiny, the crew and tom clancys the division no standout picks though for me plus 2 of them games are coming to ps3 so i can wait
  2. Battlefield 4.
  3. I. The new Super Smash Bros. game for the Wii U. The Smash series is probably my favorite video game series and I even named Brawl as my favorite game of the new millennium earlier on this site. Can't wait to play as Megaman, Wii Fit Trainer or the Villager.

    II. Sonic Lost World. The gameplay is very reminiscent of Sonic X-Treme, a cancelled Sonic game that I've always wanted to play. So technically, I've been wanting to play this games for years. High hopes for it.

    III. Super Mario 3D World or Star Wars Battlefront. The former for obvious reasons & the latter because it's possibly the only game not coming from the Wii U that I really care about and I wanted to throw out some variety. Am really looking forward to both though.
  4. BF4, AC, FIFA 14, CoD Ghosts, Dead Island 3, and a few others I can't remember.
  5. Being typically me a new Elder Scrolls.

    Plus a decent FF would be great.
  6. Was just reminded that Kingdom Hearts III was announced, so that's probably my third or at the very least a close as fuck fourth.
  7. the next gen games look amazing but i am looking forward to the new current gen games than the PS4/XBONE
    i.e GTA V - WWE2K14
  8. Hoping for a new Red Dead.
  9. That's what they should have named it!
  10. That Tom Clancy game, i forget the name, but it was one of the last ones to be shown at the Ubisoft press conference. It looks pretty good and if Watch_Dogs is on next gen than that's my favorite because that game...mark my of the year
  11. Grand Theft Auto 5 and Elder Scrolls Online
  12. How could I forget GTA5?
  13. Diablo 3
    Elder Scrolls online
  14. Dead Rising 3
    Watch Dogs
    The Division
    Elder Scrolls Online

    These alone could occupy me for years.
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