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    After announcing his resignation from World Wrestling Entertainment on October 16, 2009, Shane Brandon McMahon, the son of WWE CEO and Chairman, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, took some of his father's money and began working for small-time independent companies around the globe, getting his name in around the globe. After hearing about the end of 'The Icon' Sting's contract and his decision to not renew it, Shane traveled to Sting's home in Dallas, Texas to tell him about a new wrestling promotion he wanted to make, which he had named 'Next Generation Wrestling' and for the plan to show the world the young and upcoming talents in the world of professional wrestling. Sting agreed to the idea and both of them managed to rent an old gym where they could film their shows and put them onto the internet.

    Joey Ryan
    Samuel Shaw
    Ted Dibiase Jr.
    Zema Ion
    Paul London
    TJ Perkins
    Chuck Taylor
    John Morrison
    Kyle O'Reilly
    Alex Shelley
    Tyler Breeze
    Kid Kash
    Justin Gabriel
    Management and Staff:

    Shane McMahon (CEO and General Manager)
    Sting (Chief of Staff and Head of Creative)
    William Regal (Commentator)
    Matt Striker (Commentator/Backstage Interviewer)
    Jim Ross (Commentator for when Striker is unavailable)
    NGW Heavyweight Championship: Vacant
    NGW Global Championship: Vacant

    Please leave me some feedback, it's really appreciated and constructive criticism is welcomed.
  2. Nice size roster. Big Shane O' Mac fan so I like him as GM, assume he's heel. TWO titles are good to start with given your roster and you have Ricochet & TD Jr, I like
  3. Your roster is pretty interesting. Maybe try and add some graphics such as a logo? Just makes it easier to read. What title divisions do you have in mind or is it going to be secret? That sounds horrible I mean whos going to be challenging for the titles first.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, it's really appreciated. Yeah, there's gonna be conflict between the different managing styles of Shane and Sting. Plus, I'm a huge Ted Dibiase Jr. and Ricochet fan, so I had to include them.
  5. The Belt layout for the Heavyweight Championship was there would be a battle royal, and the winner would have to face Sting for the Heavyweight Championship, The Global Championship is going to be fought for between the people that come second and third in the battle royal.
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  6. Just a suggestion, Tyler Breeze?
  7. Haha, totally forgot about him, I'll add him! Thanks!
  8. Dope. What is your show schedule?
  9. Nice man, I like what you have there and if you possibly added a few more dope cruiserweights (Kid Kash, Roderick Strong) you could extend a cruiserweight division
  10. Well, I'll be writing them when I feel like it, but the actual shows will take place on Friday nights.
  11. I like the Kid Kash, I'll add him, but I don't see Roddy leaving ROH for a newbie company like NGW.
  12. True, but plenty of other high-flyers you could grab for it if you were to add one
  13. I was thinking about Justin Gabriel as a cruiserweight (if he counts as one) but I want more technical wrestlers that currently are working for independents or would leave the big companies
  14. Yeah, he is in the weight class, he'd fit and is being underused by WWE., Slater aswell is in that class and can wrestle a technical match
  15. Not a fan of Slater, hate the gimmick and hate him. But it was a good suggestion, thanks.
  16. Title divisions are going to be set as four ranks. Heavyweight, Global, Cruiserweight, Tag Team. the four divisions I'll be working with. As for the challengers, wait and see.
  17. Next Generation Wrestling 4/18/14
    *The opening credits appear on the titantron as the audience begins to take their seats in the crowd. The camera heads over to the commentary table, where Matt Striker and William Regal are sat, getting comfortable in their seats and adjusting their notes for the night.*

    Matt Striker: Hello, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the inaugural episode of Next Generation Wrestling, live from the NGW Arena here in Dallas, Texas! My name is Matt Striker and here with me tonight is the brilliant wrestling god that is William Regal!
    Mr. Regal, how are you feeling about the line-up of matches we have scheduled for tonight?

    William Regal: Matt, tonight these young talents are able to show their skills to this wonderful audience here tonight. I am truly excited for this special announcement that Shane McMahon is going to make tonight concerning the NGW Heavyweight Championship, so that's going to be great!

    *Shane McMahon strolls out of the curtain, dressed in an expensive suit, the NGW Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He does his signature dance, before continuing down the ramp and into the ring.*

    Shane McMahon: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to introduce to you, Next Generation Wrestling!
    *The crowd erupts into cheers.*

    Shane McMahon: Tonight, seven superstars of my choosing will enter the Next Generation Battle Royal to determine the new NGW World Champion! But when that is done, the winner will have to face this man, next week!

    *'The Icon' Sting walks out of the curtain, wearing his signature facepaint and carrying his baseball bat. He heads down to the ring to meet up with Shane, before taking the microphone off of his business partner.*

    That's right, the winner of the Next Generation Battle Royal will have to face the Stinger one on one to determine if this champion is worthwhile! But there's even better news, the NGW Global Championship will be battled for next week by the superstars that come second and third in the Next Generation Battle Royal!
    *Both men leave the ring and head backstage as the camera rolls back around to Matt Striker and William Regal.*

    Matt Striker: What an announcement from the General Manager and Chief of Staff, this is huge news for the future of Next Generation Wrestling!

    William Regal: Exactly, I know Sting came up with this idea, as it gives the young wrestlers a chance to show off their athletic ability and prowess, and what better way to do that than a Battle Royal?

    Matt Striker: That's exactly right, Mr. Regal. We'll now head over to our resident announcer, Tony Chimel, for the introductions of our first match for the night!

    Singles Match
    Justin Gabriel vs Kid Kash
    Commentary: Matt Striker and William Regal
    Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Cape Town, South Africa, weighing in at 213 pounds, 'The South African Sensation' Justin Gabriel!

    William Regal: Now I'm excited for the potential oozing from this young man right here, Justin Gabriel. He's an excellent high-flyer and ring technician, if it comes to it, but Gabriel does feel comfortable in the air, getting ready at any time to hit that devastating 450 splash and end the match.

    Matt Striker: But tonight, he's facing off against someone with much talent in Kid Kash, who I believe that Justin Gabriel will have a hard time trying to take out.
    Tony Chimel: And introducing his opponent for this evening, from Johnson City, Tennessee, weighing in at 202 pounds,
    he is 'The Notorious K.I.D' Kid Kash!

    Gabriel and Kash go into a collar and elbow tie-up in the middle of the ring, wrestling for control. Gabriel manages to wrestle Kash into a wristlock, before sweeping his leg from under him and dropping him to the mat, but not letting go of the arm. Gabriel drops to the mat himself and begins to work on the arm of Kid Kash, trying to lock in the armbar. Kash kicks Gabriel in the head and stuns him for a moment, allowing Kash to stumble back up to his feet. Kash bounces off the ropes and hits a brutal arm lariat onto Gabriel, dropping him down to the mat hard. Kash goes for the cover on Gabriel.
    Kashgrabs the left leg of Gabriel and slams it down to the mat with a leg DDT, trying to stop the momentum of Gabriel. Gabriel grabs his leg in pain, but Kash drops him back down to the floor and opens up the leg, before hitting an elbow drop onto the thigh area of Gabriel. Gabriel rolls onto his stomach and outside of the ring, stumbling around, his leg visibly hurting him. Kash slides out of the ring and grabs Gabriel, before throwing him back into the ring. Gabriel steadies himself and bounces onto the ropes, before connecting with the Springboard Corkscrew Plancha onto Kash, who is sent reeling into the guard rail. Gabriel grabs Kash and throws him into the ring as the referee's count reaches 4. Kash stumbles back to his feet as Gabriel climbs onto the apron, before hitting a springboard moonsault onto a standing Kid Kash, knocking both men down to the mat.
    Kash stumbles to his feet first and grabs the groggy Gabriel, who had hit his head hard on the mat as they both went down, before setting him up for the Dead Level spike brainbuster. As Kash lifts him up for the brainbuster, Gabriel knees him in the head and lands back down onto his feet, before connecting with a corkscrew enzuigiri to the face of Kash. Gabriel runs over to the corner and jumps onto the top turnbuckle, before connecting with the 450 splash. Gabriel covers Kash...
    The referee lifts Gabriel's hand high into the air and claps him on the shoulder, before going to check on Kash. Gabriel walks up to the nearest corner and onto the turnbuckle, before lifting his hands into the air and smiling as the crowd erupts into an applause of clapping and cheers. Gabriel jumps down and rolls out of the ring, before heading back up the ramp and back through the curtain as NGW goes into a commercial break.

    Winner: Justin Gabriel via 450 Splash

    Singles Match
    Tyler Breeze vs Alex Shelley
    Commentary: Matt Striker and William Regal
    Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, making his Seasonal Residence in Campo Grande, Brazil, weighing 195 pounds, 'The Prince of Pretty' Tyler Breeze!

    Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 215 pounds, Alex Shelley!

    The match starts off with Shelley and Breeze circling each other, taunting each other to make the first move. Breeze grabs Shelley's arm and drops him to the mat, before grabbing Shelley into a headlock. Breeze begins to wrench the headlock tightly, causing Shelley a lot of pain and exhaustion trying to get out. The referee checks the hold and sees if Shelley wants to tap, but Shelley slowly begins to stand up, to the shock of Breeze, who releases the hold. Breeze runs at Shelley, setting up for a brutal clothesline lariat, but Shelley ducks and begins to kick Breeze's left leg repeatedly. Shelley grabs Breeze and irish whips him to the far ropes, before hitting him with a superkick, catching Breeze straight on the chin. Shelley covers Breeze:
    One...Two...Kickout by Breeze!
    Breeze stumbles to his feet and catches Shelley off-guard with an enzuigiri, dropping Shelley to the floor. Breeze hits a jumping elbow drop onto the chest of Shelley, before picking him up and hitting him with a suplex. Shelley rolls out of the ring to gain his composure. Breeze bounces off the ropes and goes to hit a suicide dive through the second rope, but is caught in the face by the boot of Shelley. Shelley climbs up onto the apron and springboards as Breeze stands up, planting him with a springboard tornado DDT. Breeze grabs his head in pain as Shelley climbs onto the top turnbuckle, calling for Breeze to stand up. As Breeze stumbles to his feet, Shelley dives at him, trying to hit a diving hurricanrana. Breeze stumbles backwards, making Shelley hit the floor hard. As Shelley begins to stand up, Breeze runs at him and plants him with the Beauty Shot, kicking him straight in the forehead. Shelley drops to the floor immediatly, allowing Breeze to cover him.
    Breeze stumbles to his feet and pushes the hair out of his eyes. He gives Shelley a dirty look as the referee goes to check on him, before grabbing his cell phone and standing above Shelley, before taking a selfie and leaving the ring, heading backstage as Shelley begins to stand up with the referee's aid.

    Winner: Tyler Breeze via Beauty Shot

    *The camera heads backstage, where Matt Striker is stood with John Morrison, one of the superstars entered into the battle royal.*

    Matt Striker:
    I'm here now with the Shaman of Sexy himself, John Morrison. John, what are your hopes for the Next Generation Battle Royal tonight?

    John Morrison: Matt, I think I'm feeling what everyone else in the Battle Royal is feeling, I have a good chance to win it, but so does everyone else. I guess I'll just give it my all and try and do the best of my ability.

    Matt Striker: Besides you, who do you think has the best chance of winning the Battle Royal?

    John Morrison: Well, from the people here that I know, Ted Dibiase Jr. and Trent? have good chances of winning the Battle Royal, because of their brilliant reflexes and skill. But Ricochet seems to be a good choice to win the Battle Royal. Anyways, I gotta go and stretch, I'll catch you later, Matt.

    Matt Striker: See you later, John. Up next is the main event, the Next Generation Battle Royal, where we will see the No.1 Contender for the NGW Heavyweight Championship is going to be decided, back to you, Regal and JR.

    Next Generation Battle Royal
    Ted Dibiase Jr. vs Joey Ryan vs John Morrison vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Chuck Taylor vs Ricochet vs TJ Perkins vs Carlito
    No.1 Contender's Match for the NGW Heavyweight Championship
    Commentary: William Regal and Jim Ross
    Jim Ross: Here we go, moments away from the beginning of the Battle Royal, everyone is already in the ring and ready to fight. Remember, the NGW Heavyweight Championship will be on the line for the winner, as they have to face 'The Icon' Sting next week on NGW.

    William Regal: These young superstars must be really nervous, it's their big chance to impress the management and everyone else around the world watching, so let's begin and see the firework show.
    The referees call for the bell and the match gets underway. Everyone splits off going after a different person, with John Morrison in the far left corner, trying to outwrestle Joey Ryan, whilst opposite them, TJ Perkins is trying to fend off the onslaught that Ted Dibiase Jr. is giving him. Ricochet runs up behind Dibiase and pushes him towards TJ Perkins, who lifts his knees and knocks Dibiase backwards, lifting himself onto the top turnbuckle. Joey Ryan elbows Morrison in the face and knocks him to the ground, before beginning to stomp on him repeatedly. Dibiase turns his attention to Ricochet, who kicks him in the side of the head and knocks him onto the ropes. Ricochet runs at Dibiase, who moves out of the way at the last second and sends Ricochet landing on the ropes. Dibiase tries to push Ricochet through the ropes, but Ricochet headbutts him and climbs out onto the apron. TJ Perkins, who is still on the top turnbuckle, sees Ricochet and goes to dive at him, but Dibiase pushes Perkins off of the top turnbuckle and to the outside, heading his head on the steel steps on the way down.

    TJ Perkins has been eliminated by Ted Dibiase Jr.

    Dibiase chuckles and turns around, but is caught with a dropkick by Ricochet, knocking him to the floor. Dibiase clambers out onto the apron, but before Ricochet can knock him off, Chuck Taylor spins him around and begins punching him. Ricochet begins to punch him back and the two begin to trade blows, allowing Dibiase to climb back into the ring. John Morrison, who is resting on the ropes, sees Joey Ryan run at him, and pulls the ropes down and sends him flying to the outside.

    Joey Ryan has been eliminated by John Morrison.

    John Morrison turns around and is caught by a dropkick from Kyle O'Reilly. Ricochet punches Taylor in the face and sends him reeling backwards, but before he can follow it up, Ted Dibiase grabs him and throws him over the ropes.

    Ricochet has been eliminated by Ted Dibiase Jr.

    Ricochet slaps the steel steps and grabs Dibiase's leg, trying to pull him out. Dibiase kicks Ricochet off of his leg, but is thrown over the top rope by Chuck Taylor, narrowly grabbing the ropes. Taylor springboards off of the top rope and tries to knock Dibiase off, but Ted pulls down the ropes and sends Taylor flying to the outside, slamming into the guard rail.

    Chuck Taylor has been eliminated by Ted Dibiase Jr.

    John Morrison punches Kyle O'Reilly in the face and sends him reeling backwards towards Carlito, who hits him with a Backstabber and knocks him to the floor. Ted Dibiase runs over to the three remaining superstars and begins to fistfight with Carlito. Kyle O'Reilly stumbles to his feet but is caught by a Nitro Blast Superkick on the chin by Morrison, who throws him over the top rope.

    Kyle O'Reilly has been eliminated by John Morrison

    Carlito and Dibiase battle over to the ropes, where Dibiase throws Carlito onto the apron. Morrison comes from behind and sends Dibiase over to the far ropes, allowing Carlito to grab Morrison. Dibiase comes flying back and connects with a missile dropkick to Morrison, knocking him down to the floor. Dibiase calls for Morrison to get to his feet, but Carlito hits the Backstabber on Dibiase. Carlito doesn't see Morrison get to his feet, and is spun around hit with the Flip Bottom. Morrison stumbles backwards and is grabbed into the Million Dollar Dream by Dibiase. Morrison backs up to the ropes and tries to free himself from the submission, but he sees Carlito get to his feet. As Carlito runs at Morrison and Dibiase, Morrison ducks and sends Carlito flying over the both of them, only managing to grab the bottom rope at the last minute and save himself. Dibiase wrenches his submission hold tighter and watches as Morrison begins to fade, causing the concern of the referees. As Carlito climbs back up onto the apron and steadies himself, Morrison manages to free himself and clothesline Dibiase over the top rope, knocking Carlito down as well.

    Ted Dibiase Jr. and Carlito have been eliminated by John Morrison

    Winner: John Morrison
    As Morrison celebrates, the theme of Sting hits and he walks out of the curtain, the NGW Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He begins to clap for Morrison, prompting the crowd to do the same. The ring fills with confetti as Morrison celebrates, before looking into the eyes of his opponent for the NGW Heavyweight Championship, 'The Icon' Sting, as the inaugural episode of NGW goes off the air.

    OOC: What did you think for the first episode? As always, constructive criticism is welcomed, and I'll leave questions to answer.

    1. Best Match?
    2. Worst Match?
    3. Improvements?
    4. What did you think about the outcome of the Battle Royal?
    5. Do you think that JoMo will beat Sting?
  18. 1. Best Match?
    Tyler Breeze (I'm a huge Breeze mark so I am biased)
    2. Worst Match?
    Wouldn't say worst, but I don't enjoy battle royals excluding the RR, So I say that, it was good for a battle royal, but the single matches had better action imo
    3. Improvements?
    Thought it was well displayed, don't change the layout
    4. What did you think about the outcome of the Battle Royal?
    Didn't expect JoMo to win, thought we'd have Ricochet winning it
    5. Do you think that JoMo will beat Sting?
  19. Spoilers, but Ricochet's going into a feud with Ted Dibiase for the Global.
  20. Then I am happy, two favourites going for a title, I have np's with that
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