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  1. the fuck has he ever done with WWE?
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  2. He showed up on SD and punched HHH. LOL
  3. Besides promoting his movie on Raw, he seems to have been friends with Jessie Ventura and Bruno Sammartino and that's about it really.

  4. That's everything he's ever done with WWE... they must have not been able to find anyone else lol
  5. Next WWE will be giving it to Seth Green for absolutely F'all
  6. HOF means nothing any more.
  7. Well, the celebrity wing means nothing.. they are still doing a good job with the wrestlers side of it.
  8. at least he's done more with WWE than Drew Carrey.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Every HOF is better with Arnold in it. Throw him in all the major sports ones too while you're at it.
  11. He did nothing except make a couple of on-screen appearances and induct Bruno into the 2013 Hall Of Fame, but OK.
  12. Half retard ftw.
  13. Next HOF inductees: Hugh Jackman and Seth Green. *But they haven't done anything with the 'E* - *Zing!*
  14. DDP to possibly be inducted?

    I think Macho and DDP make up for the shit people who sell asses in seats and network idiots. Last year we had Warrior, this year it's Allllllnold
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