Next Knockouts Champion?

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  1. Who should be the next Knockouts Champion?
  2. No-one Tara should hold the title till she retires. :true:
  3. Tara to hold it for 3-4 months more, than drop it to Taeler Hendrix or the new face of KO division.
  4. Gail Kim yet again.
  5. How would you book the title change? Heel vs heel mode, or turning Gail face or something?
  6. Heel vs heel works for me. They both do the "bring it on bitch" attitude really well.
  7. Mickie James?
  8. :notsure:
  9. Dixie Carter is GOAT idea :tyson:
  10. Lets have Tara hold it until Taelor Hendrix or another new knockout (like Hannah just said) debuts.
  11. :smug: Yepp. Best scenario ever.
  12. That's what she said, and that's what I said.:obama:
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