Next monday night RAW.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nobody, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Save us, Y2J.
  2. Finafuckingly.
  3. Always nice to have Jericho back, I want to see who will he feud with.
  4. Whoever he fueds with, he will be putting them over, hopefully its a young talent.
  5. Who is there? I guess Ryback would be cool, it would up his credibility easily enough and Jericho is that good.
  6. Jericho vs Bryan? :hmm:
  7. That's what I like about him. It's true, the best use for him would be to put him against a young face or something.
  8. Who will he job to next?!?!
  9. Come on brother, we love to hate on people like HHH trying to stay well past their prime, at least he is more than willing to put over talent he sees at the future. (i get CM is older also)

    I hope it's swagger/kofi or someone worth seeing in a big match. EIther way he's going to produce a PPV worthy match, and much better than seeing another tuxedo match.
  10. I heard Hornswoggle however this is only rumours and specials as of yet, more as we get it.