Next month PPV is in Chicago WTF stay away WWE

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  1. Next month PPV is in Chicago WTF stay away WWE that whole PPV will be overtook by CM Punk chants. WWE need to stay away from Chicago its a waste of time when all the fans want to see is CM Punk but hes made his decision to walk out
  2. Raw was held there after Punk left and it was fine.
    Stop being a silly Billy.
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  3. I'd agree, but they've already held a show in Chicago and all it took for the crowd to behave was a Paul Heyman promo.
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  4. Guess what, if you knew anything about wrestling, it's called the events are booked at arenas way before the PPV actually happens.
  5. Chicago crowds are always great on PPV's.
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  6. Chicago is one of the hottest cities to attend when it comes to pro wrestling. They're not gonna refrain from going there just because some marks are still butt hurt about Punk leaving five months ago. It's not like they refrained from going to Texas when Austin walked out (which was much more of a mega huge deal than Punk leaving was/is.) Never mind how retarded it is to try and "hijack" a show in Punk's name anyway considering he left on his own accord. It's not like the guy was unjustly fired or suspended or something, so I'm not sure what point chanting his name is supposed to prove to WWE other than that a bunch of fans are trying to get themselves over on TV.

    And "hijacking" the show with Punk chants worked so well the first time, didn't it? (For the sarcasm impaired - no, it didn't. The Occupy Raw segment with Daniel Bryan a week later was supposedly created to mock the failed hijacking of Raw from the week before, even.)

    All that said, if The Shield were being helplessly beat down by Evolution and other random members of the roster and then CM Punk's music hit and he ran down with a steel chair to assist The Shield, that would be awesome. But I wouldn't expect that to happen.
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  7. like many have said, he left on his own accord so there's nothing to 'hijack' really, would be different if WWE had fired him.
  8. Everything I wanted to say after reading the OP has been said, so I'll just say:


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  9. CM Who?
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  10. Should totally chant for Billy Corgan. Most important wrestling figure to come out of Chicago. Who is this CM Flunk?
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  11. If the Chicago crowd tries to pull anything, I expect for more mastermind tactics from the WWE like they did last time to get them to shut up and then they'll just enjoy the show (and they'll make sure that it's a good PPV).
  12. I don't know. I'm just hoping to see Philip Brooks finally debut in WWE.


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  13. I love the struggle to not call her something offensive.

    My hat goes off to you.
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  14. Payback?! You mean Extreme Rules Part 2? :emoji_wink:

    *CM Punk returns*

    Oh, I wish! It's too good to be true.
  15. A Chicago crowd can be expected to be juvenile no matter the sport or venue.
    The Raw they did didn't turn out that bad, even the crowd got bored with themselves and toned it down after a while.
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