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  1. https://twitter.com/OfficialPWG/stat...39058359652353
  2. That's going to be an awesome match! :yay:
  3. Also Steen vs Younger has been signed. lol Drake Younger push.
  4. The tag sounds dope, superkicks and holyshit spots galore.
  5. Wonder where this idea to push Younger came from. He's not that good a wrestler, though he is over as fuck and they are starved for main event faces.
  6. They'll have a decent hardcore match most likely, Steen isn't afraid to bump and Drake is made for that style. Is it a straight up match or are they going GW soon?
  7. First ever time these two guys meet so I'd expect it to be just a regular match. Drake and Sami didn't go GW until the rubber match in their series.
  8. Bugger expect it to be relaxed rules then, they'll go hardcore soon enough IMO (THEY'LL NEED TO IT'S THE ONLY REASON Younger is over)
  9. yeah, Younger is over because he murders himself every match he is in. I have heard people requesting Gargano/Taylor vs Strong/Edwards. That match would be insane.
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  10. Some more matches added:

    FIST vs Dojo Bros
    Unbreakable Fucking Machines vs Rockness Monsters
    Kyle vs Davey

    FIST vs Dojo Bros? Call me intriqued.
  11. with a main event like that I expect this event to be Callihan's farewell show, possibly Cole's as well. Or am I the only one thinking that?
  12. I guess this will become the Samuray Del Sol farewell show as well if he is booked for it since he is going to the WWE in July.

  13. I think Cole will be in the indies for a while let. This is another good card as always from PWG. Intresting to see a 60 minute ironman match form Callihan and Cole.
  14. God the Rockness Monsters are terrible. Cole and Sami will depend what mood I'm in but FIST vs Dojo Bros sounds interesting. Anything the Bucks do has me intrigued too.
  15. Are the smash bros injured or something,i remember one being injured in a match at DDT but i just presumed it was Kayfabe?
  16. I think Uno legit dislocated his shoulder
  17. oh ok thats a shame hope he is alright.
  18. He dislocated his shoulder, but according to Steen's twitter he is just a pussy.
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  19. Dr Steen
  20. Kevin Steen, relationship specialist.
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