Next superstar to be pushed!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Who is the superstar that you want WWE to push next, like on the top of your list of who deserves to be pushed?

    My choice would have been Tyson Kidd in normal circumstances, but as we all know he is out for a year :sad:

    So I'll go with Drew McIntyre, who I think has a lot of potential and deserves a lot more than being in a stupid Rock Band.

  2. lol @ hating on Drew for getting exposure and saving his career.

    On topic: Keep Cesaro's push going.
  3. would also go for tyson kidd, but he´s out, so justin gabriel plz
  4. His "Chosen one" character with Broken Dreams as his theme song was incredible..
    I don't get why they had to change his character into a Rock singer who doesn't even win a match. lol

    But yea Cesaro's push must be kept going, I'm a huge Cesaro fan BTW.
  5. Because Drew, because of his X-wife going she Hulk was going nowhere and not winning matches as the "chosen one". He was jobbing constantly. As a member of the 3MB he is picking up wins and getting exposure and proving himself to the company. That is how wrestling works. If you fall out of grace with the company, expect to do silly stuff for a while to show that you are willing to work for it.
  6. Yea it's kinda bad how personal issues can affect a superstars career, still hope he gets pushed again to the mid card though.
  7. I would like to see a JTG push even though he'll be fired before he gets a push. JTG a good wrestler in my opinion, not much of a talker, but certainly a good wrestler. You got guys like Kofi who don't do much talking and get pushed so I wouldn't see the problem with a JTG push in the future.
  8. Re push the Brooklyn brawler!
  9. When Rhodes Scholars eventually break up I'd like to see each of them get a singles push. Also Kofi Kingston deserves better than jobbing to Big Show in a sad, sad way.

    Also Jack Swagger, just repackage the guy already as a babyface and feud him with Cesaro. He's great in the ring but could use some work on the entertainment side so maybe a face turn would help him with that.
  10. I want to see a guy from NXT to be pushed to the moon.
  11. Agree 100% with the OP obviously, but WWE needs star power and A-Ry has it.
  12. I would like to see Sandow get a better push. He is quite entertaining. :sandow:
  13. He is already in a push, I sure like to see him winning more matches but even when he loses , he looks incredibly strong..

    I don't think they should rush his push , everything is going good with him if you ask me.
  14. ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! :angry: :mad:
    Cody needs to ride his mustache to the sideline! HE HAD HIS CHANCE! :angry:

  15. I'm also a big Sandow fan BTW, THAT BEARD :SANDOW:

    And don't deny that you like Cody's mustache..

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  16. :ohgod: :eww: :no: :nope::nope::nope::idontcare:
  17. :yes::lol1::yes::otunga::woo1:
  18. Ohno when he's brought up. He has all the tools.
  19. I think Drew Mcinytire might be ready for another push. What do you think?
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