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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 11, 2014.

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  1. Quick discussion topic I thought would be fun.

    Who do you see taking the belts off of the Usos? And as a bonus question, when?

    Sound of soldiers.
  2. I like to believe they are building up the Usos so the Ascension can take them down. But a new tag team I saw on Smackdown this week consists of Big Show and Mark Henry. Yikes!

    When? I'm no good at picking that stuff. Are the tag belts on the line against anyone at SS? You'd think they would be
  3. Either The Ascension debuting with a bang or Goldust and Stardust getting another tag team title run (now that Cody has a new persona and all, I wouldn't mind another run with the titles.) I wouldn't mind seeing them take the straps in a face vs face encounter, and then they could be the ones that drop the straps to The Ascension later on. Their loss of the gold could be what causes their split this time around, as originally planned/predicted earlier this year. Or perhaps one turning on the other is what caused the loss, i.e. Goldust is getting jealous of his younger brother stealing the spotlight and getting all the attention, so at one point during a title defense, he refuses to tag him in and proceeds to walk away while Stardust gets demolished and pinned. A feud between the two is instigated. (Not that they NEED a championship run as something to build their breakup around, but it's an idea.)

    Either way will do, but most likely, it'll be The Ascension.
  4. Well, there aren't many teams around. The Wyatts are probably not getting it, Ascension sounds likely since the Usos were their personal jobbers back in the day so that'd be fun, Cody and Goldust would be a fine pick if they were to do a break up angle. I would do it over those hundreds of PPVs they have in the fall.
  5. I could see Cody and Goldust winning it, although I would have thought The Wyatts would be champions by now, so they could have done The Wyatt Family (c) vs Cody and Goldust vs The Usos vs Los Matadores at Summerslam, I dunno. I feel as if my interest in the tag team division is fading since The Usos' big win over The New Age Outlaws (where I still think they should have won it on PPV) as they haven't built up many other tag teams enough for us to care. I mean, we don't really have many heel teams, just Rybaxel and The Wyatt Family, and I think the latter should have won the titles at Battleground. This means we can have more face teams chase the gold, and we have enough of them that we can cheer... or at least, I can. The Usos still get decent reactions, I think. Cody and Goldust are the ones I mark out for and I think they get good reactions as Stardust and Goldust even when they don't wrestle. On the other hand, Los Matadores were just ruined since the moment they arrived on TV (heck, I even thought they had potential but making El Dorito vs Hornyswoggle the focus of the Los Matadores and 3MB feud just confirmed that they would be the jobber crap team for life) and well, we have Slater Gator but SLATER PINNED SETH ROLLINS, GUYS! WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH CONFIRMED! --- ahem, I mean. I doubt they will even be a team in a couple of weeks, just look at Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston. Have they even done anything as of late?
  6. Agreed on Usos/Outlaws. Would've meant so much more had it happened at WM, no reason to do it on Raw at all. And Big E has done some stuff these days, namely jobbing to Rusev on SD as a babyface.
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  7. Nobody that matters.
  8. Rhodes Brothers! They have to go somewhere with this whole thing plus it'd be kinda cool to see.

    Then from there I say The Wyatts then by Mania season The Ascension will be in the picture.
  9. cant wait for ascension vs usos vs wyatts. would be so awesome XD
  10. The original plan should have been for Kofi and Big E to win at Summerslam with Xavier's interference, so that's out. Right now I can't think of a tag team with more credibility than Slater Gator after their big win over the Brotherhood + Slater beating Rollins... Yeah. The tag division is in a very poor state.
  11. Are you serious? Slater Gator is really a tag team? FFS really?
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