Next week on RAW... HHH/Lesnar

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Vince announced that next week he and Heyman are going to have a fight... Lesnar is going to be on RAW on Monday.

    What's the chances of Vince coming out and saying, I'm not going to fight you, this man is. HHH's music pops, out he comes and beats up Heyman. And out comes Lesnar and a mass brawl ensues setting up their Mania rematch.

    I'd say there's a high chance of this happening.
  2. I say Vince starts beating the crap out of Heyman, then Lesnar's music hits. As Lesnar makes his way to the ring, HHH's music hits and they brawl, starting the buildup to their WM match.
  3. I think HHH is going to be in Vince's corner. Also Lesnar can appear to save Heyman and then in the ringside the may fight
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty sure HHH and Lesnar will be appearing next week. HHH beating Heyman up and Lesnar saving him sounds likely.
  5. This unfortunately.

    I'm not sure how healthy Vince is to compete though. God, I really don't want to see this feud again -.-.
  6. Think we could get a Survivor Series-style tag match? Team Vince (Hunter, Sheamful, Ryback, Orton, Foley) vs Team Heyman (Brock, Maddox, and the Shield)?

    Doubt it, but would be far superior than this suckfest.
  7. Not a bad call actually, but I seriously doubt it. HHH wants his ego rubbed after losing to Undertaker and Brock, and he won't let anyone else steal that spotlight. Maddox is against Heyman and The Shield now as well remember.
  8. Great point, was thinking HHH would be fine sharing the project with his former pet project (Orton) a guy he probably likes (Ryback) the guy who got him over (Foley) and his boy-toy (Sheamus),

    Then again, surely you remember the HHH/Sheamus feud from 2010? Hunter ain't sharing the spotlight with anyone, brother.
  9. Haha, the one burial I approve of.
  10. There won't really be a lot of competing anyway, I think he can go for a "fight".
  11. I don't want to see this match again. Why does Triple H have his big head in everything? You've already faced him once, that's enough.
  12. I pretty much called Senhor's prediction the second they announced Vince/Heyman for next week but I still think they could swerve us and make it Taker/Brock. The next week or so afterwards, Brock can confront Triple H and an open challenge could be made for Wrestlemania, and maybe Triple H has a week to think about it, or maybe not. If he does, then next week comes, and Triple H makes it sounds like he's gonna accept, but he says instead that he knows he can't beat Brock (or at least he isn't interested in trying again) but he also knows someone who can, and that's the guy he threw everything at the last two years and still couldn't put down... the Undertaker. The lights go out, gong hits, etc. You know the drill. Would be a nice way of connecting Taker and Triple H and even HBK's history over the last four Wrestlemania events, given the latter two's history with Brock as well, and the fact that they can both stand back and realize that if there's one guy who can take Brock, it's that guy, the guy they couldn't put down at Wrestlemania despite their best efforts. Would even be nice if before then, they even had a segment backstage where HBK questioned HHH's possible decision to fight Brock again, given how monstrous he himself knows Brock to be.

    Something along those lines but the logical part of my brain knows it's false hope. I feel the feud had a definitive ending with Triple H tapping out cleanly at Summerslam and putting over Lesnar huge but I can't say I completely hate it anymore. Will be a more exciting buildup than the triple threat/Rock-Cena, most likely.
  13. Exactly, two old men fighting has no relevance/enjoyment in my book. I want to see Vince say he is going to fight Heyman by sending HHH on Punk, but punk will back out of the ring, giving way to the lesnar music hitting, and HHH waiting in ring for the big fight.

    It wont happen this way, but whatever goes down, i honestly am really, really pumped for HHH Lesnar.
  14. They wont kill the WM streak for Taker, I think it will be Punk taker and HHH Lesnar if it goes down, both of which sound amazing. Punk kills the streak, and Lesnar ends HHH's in ring career.
  15. I'd rather see Shane come back and fight Lesnar than Triple H vs Lesnar again
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