Next Week's RAW GM(Spoiler)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by kanenite95, Jun 20, 2012.

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    This could lead to a separation from Ziggler if they plan on keeping her in that role, but God i would hate hearing her voice even more every week
  2. what the... i give up.
  3. At least we can expect a good match for Ziggler next week
  4. This is just like guest hosts really, but with random WWE characters. We can expect Teddy to have a go, so that's a RAW I'll most likely skip.
  5. So, is it going to be like Monday? The GM comes out, has a 15 minute segment, sets up the next match, and then leaves?

    Waste. Of. Time.
  6. At least it's not segment after segment. I'd prefer the 15 minutes and gone thing.
  7. Marking for Vickie as GM.
  8. Vickie will use her GM powers to make a title match between dolph and sheamus and dolph will win the title!!!!!!!!!! :yay:
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