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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Nov 23, 2014.

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  1. Roman Reigns

  2. Seth Rollins

  3. Dean Ambrose

  4. John Cena

  5. Daniel Bryan

  6. Ryback

  7. Randy Orton

  8. HHH

  9. Dolph Ziggler

  10. Someone else

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    Another poll for the index page.
    Vote for who you think will take the title from Brock Lesnar. Bets will put up shortly and added to this post.

  2. In your dreams :heenan:
  3. Betting link is up.
  4. Damn, I can only vote. Too bad I can't place some bets on this, all my dough went on Survivor Series bets.
  5. ok it might not be him and if it's Roman thats fine too i like him
  6. I don't like Cena nor Roman. But that's cool.

    I'm gonna go against the grain here and vote for the much talented Ambrose/Rollins.
  7. I wonder who voted for Ambrose.:hmm:
  8. This guy :happy:
  9. the two Crazy Asses o god
  10. lol wut
  11. Daniel Bryan if by some miracle he returns in January and wins the Rumble. If not him, then either Reigns or Orton.
  12. Here's to hoping D-Bry returns in January.

    If he doesn't, then I'm all up for Ambrose and then Rollins. But I have a feeling Reigns is still their golden boy, sadly. Orton's cool, as well.
  13. I don't see a snowball's chance in hell of them letting Ambrose be the one to defeat Brock. Besides, they've got some creative issues to work out with his character (like namely the fact that they think being edgy these days means squirting ketchup in someone'e eyes or beating up a mannequin of your enemy) before pushing him to the top.
  14. Well, they should let Ambrose be the one to defeat Lesnar. I don't care if he seems 'believable' enough because of his size/credibility or whatever. They just have to pull their heads outta their asses, prolly forcefully, and push Ambrose or Bryan (but doubtful he'll be back by January).
  15. Wish it was Hunter but I think I'll be voting for Reigns. Don't have money to put up atm though
  16. Agreed on Hunter being the champ once again! Hell, they should've just handed the titles to him when Bryan got injured. At least he'd be there all of the time, and not like Lesnar. But oh well... What's done is done. Moving on.

    I voted for Ambrose, Bryan, Rollins, Reigns (yeah, I don't really like him, but hell if it's gonna bring me some money, then why not vote for him. lol)
    I'm short on money just like you, man. Spent all my 12K on the SS betting.
  17. Yeah, I won't even get into dreaming about a Triple H title reign because I'll just get sad afterwards. Will probably put all my money on Reigns. I don't think he's ready, but I really think they'll just stick to what seems is their plan. Although I'll probably lose everything on SS tonight, no biggie, I guess I can put like some 5 bucks on him later
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  18. Ditto, bro.
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