Next X-Division Champion

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  1. Who should be the next TNA X-Division Champion?
  2. Joey Ryan would've been a good pick I believe. Not really sure who else could go after it.
  3. Zema Ion.

    Then have Jesse Sorensen return and kick his butt at Lockdown.
  4. Kenny King or Sorensen.
  5. Pretty much what Testify said. That was the plan all along.
  6. Where is Kenny King anyway? OVW?
  7. I said it in Xplosion thread, he's back next week when he faces Zema and Kid Kash in a 3 Way match (on Xplosion).
  8. Oh, very nice. I may watch Xplosion next week then.
  9. Kenny King for me. King is king
  10. I'll have it posted in the Xplosion thread right here next Wednesday or Thursday.
  11. Sorensen.
  12. Pretty good, will check it out.
  13. Gotta be Zema.
  14. Hoping for Ion, but if that's the case there's no reason for him to drop the belt anyway.

    Maybe Styles?
  15. Kenny king all the way. :yes:
  16. Either Zema Ion or Kenny King
  17. Hopefully he fell in a bottomless pit.
  18. And welcome back JoeRulz :dawg:
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