Neymar going bankrupt, report says

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  1. -Different sources
  2. Read this many times already, but even so, it's a stupid report. No one on that type of money can go bankrupt, he'll simply earn enough in the next year to pay off the stuff he owes and then he'll just hire some advisor to tell him how to use his money. Not hard. When he's at Madrid/Barca in a couple of years he'd be able to completely afford that anyway lol.
  3. Him going bankrupt is highly unlikely like Crayo said. Still I'd say don't rule that out just because he is making X amount of dinero. If you spend too much more than you earn you will go bankrupt. No matter how unlikely. People said Hogan would never go bankrupt but a couple of unfortunate circumstances later and look at him around 2007.

    Neymar is easily fine right now but he needs to get some advisers as Crayo said. He is young and has a lot of time to earn big money but professional sports is a tricky business.
  4. Imagine, someone breaks his leg in a match or he lands badly on his neck in a training session two weeks from now. He has to retire, the whole thing is over for him.

    Then what?

    ''Live for today and not tomorrow'' Barca or Real are pretty far away from now.
  5. Lol no they're not. If they had it their way he'd be in their team and starting every game. Neymar is ALREADY one of the best in the world, and he's still really young. He chose to stay at Santos as his contract was like quadroupled and he's the highest paid player in Brazil. He will leave in a couple of years.
  6. Again talking about the future.

    Everything can be over in one finger snap, brother love. And you know it.

    I don't say it will happen, but it can happen.
  7. I like the fact where it says "A mere 5 million" as if 5 million is nothing.
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