Neymar joins Barcelona?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 25, 2013.

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  1. TLDR:

    It's a report, but it's from Sky Sports, so it's most likely true. I called Barcelona from the start, but then again most people did, and I am sort of glad he chose to go there.
  2. Good, he needed out of Brazil now IMO. Interesting to see how he progresses.
  3. First of all Marca=Meltzer.

    Last summer Barca gave Neymar's father 10M euros. They were going to pay 40M but real Madrid offered 90M. City offered 160M euros. But neymar wants to go to Barcelona.
    It should be closed already but because of Madrid and City's offers they might have to pay 60M.

    IMO he's great but I dont like him. At least not for real.
  4. Huh? You make no sense. I don't believe for one second City offered 160 million for Neymar - that is complete bullshit. I highly doubt Madrid offered 90 as well.
  5. Lord knows Barca needs another guy other than Messi that can find the net. As we've seen this year if Messi isn't on top or is injured then the scoring takes a hit. Neymar could fill that void and take some pressure of Messi.
  6. Okay it's weird because Santos only own the 40 or 45% of Neymar.

    But I think that they offered that for the 100% of Neymar. That's what the news said
  7. 3rd party again? Don't expect him in England for a while.
  8. Wish he would have picked Madrid instead. He's my favorite player at the moment so it looks like I'll be watching Barcelona games next season.
  9. For me Neymar is exactly like Robinho.
  10. Soccer? How did i get here.
  11. It's done. 54M € and for 5 seasons
  12. It's official, he signed, just confirmed.

    Great signing for Barcelona, not good news for any other club though!
  13. I dont see that guy becoming as great as Messi. This is Europe not Brazil. Its¡'s harder to score,to play and he needs to learn how to play as barca does.
    + No party,discipline and so on. I'm calling it,2 seasons and he's out.

    btw...look at what happened to alexis. 40 M and .....

    Bale...Madrid wants bale. If we get Bale,Lewandoski and Isco we will reach the fucking final
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  14. Lol Rodrigo you seem so bitter.;

    I have full confidence Neymar will do well. Those who say he can only score in Brazil, try looking at his incredible goal-scoring record FOR Brazil. He can ONLY get better.

    Fantastic signing for Barcelona, but not sure if it's enough to get them back on top. Whilst they have a world class player, their defensive issues are still there.
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  15. To me he's terribly over-rated, he's a good player but not good enough for Barca, I think Tottenham might be a bit more suited to his ability and even that is a bit of a stretch..

    He can do well against mediocre defenders in South America but made Chris Smalling and Gary Cahill look like Chiellini.

    For all I know he can still do well in Spain but I'm very doubtful.

  16. One bad game is what you're calling him average on? His balance, pace and dribbling ability put him above good. He's got 20 goals for the Brazilian National Team in 32 games, Spurs are below him.
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  17. So I guess this means even more people will use Barcelona in FIFA 14. :((
  18. This is the truth. Lewandoski is a great player, Isco was great this season and I don't know too much about Bale but I think he's good too. Barcelona has a lot of strikers, I don't see Neymar playing too much tbh
  19. Isco is off to City isn't he?
  20. Nope. He might sign up with real for 32 M €
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