Football NFC - AFC Team Switch Idea....

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nice Person, Dec 21, 2015.

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  1. Here's an idea, transfer the NFC Cowboys from NFC EAST to AFC SOUTH, and Transfer AFC Tenn. Titans to NFC EAST..Comments?
  2. Cowboys have been rivals with the Redskins and pretty much the entire division since the beginning of time. I don't approve.
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  3. The last time I looked, Dallas, Texas was in the **middle** of the USA; while Tennessee is *nearer* the East Coast....
  4. Give Tony Romo a sex change and call her Sony Homo.
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  5. Who cares. Too late to change things now.
  6. It's **never** to late; have the Baltimore Raves swap with the Cowboys and we'll start a **new** rivalry!!!!! ;0
  7. Will not work. The NFL has said fuck geography for a while now. Moving the Cowboys would make giants fans like me angry because as much as we hate them, we love playing them twice a year
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  8. It makes business sense. It'll get national attention on Houston vs Dallas + Philadelphia vs Nashville because there's a team who ESPN slurps involved in each :bodallas:
  9. Lol no. Nfc east is og as fuck
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