NFL NFL 2015-16 Regular Season Thread

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  1. Here it is.
  2. LOL Jameis Shitstain
  3. Falcons Eagles not the best game so far after 1st quarter
  4. Damn the Falcons are legit
  5. Looking good on both sides of the ball so far as well, Philly O looks like it's struggling though
  6. Well I wouldn't trust the 2014 Falcons to win in the trenches against anyone and they're really fucking up an Eagles' line who you'd think still has some good players... Maybe it's just a bad sign for Philly but I'm pretty impressed.
  7. well guess we just put the kiss of death on the Falcons, a sack, then a pick :quimby:
  8. #SnowyRoadTo4KBadPredictions
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  9. Saints will have another losing season, guess I can sit and watch football still...with tears in my eyes.
  10. Eagles completely different team this half
  11. Kiss of death confirmed!

    ESPN Stats and Info: "Sam Bradford is 7-of-7 for 71 yards targeting Jordan Matthews this half."
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  12. yeesh Pottsy thank goodness we weren't playing this week, you'd have a damn heart attack here! "Oh crapcrappitycrapcrapcrap don't run out the clock please no I need three fucking points"

    wait is this the NFL thread or the fantasy thread, I can't tell from here :facepalm1:
  13. Oh yeah, about that Weekly Pick Ems....
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  14. wow if Kaepernick keeps taking shits like that he won't last past about 3 games
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    @Vice Told you in the other thread, I was still feeling optimistic, right?

    If we make it to the postseason, we'll have Breshad Perriman and Maxx Williams and maybe even Dennis Pitta and hopefully Triple S won't be hobbling and of course Playoff Flacco, this whole offense should be different...

    In the postseason, even with no Suggs, who are you taking over us? The Indianapolis fantasy roster that sucks in the trenches? The Pats who suck on defense or the Steelers who don't even try? This Broncos team? Still thinking this team will be fine in the end, it always is.
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  16. it was a wild week 1, brady cheats and gets away with another one, and my eagles came up short against falcons. *sighs* ready for week 2 :emoji_slight_smile:
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  17. over/under 3 INTs for Jameis Winston in his next game? I say over. What a scrub LOL

    B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ ''scrambling'' QBS LOL
  18. Sounds like he'll have more of an impact on my fantasy team name than he will on the field. :quimby:

    He sucks and he is totally washed up if he ever really was that good to begin with...

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    20 sack season confirmed! :sandow:
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