NFL NFL 2017 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Solid Snake, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]
    NFL 2017 Discussion Thread
    Season Schedules can be found HERE
    2017's Kick Off game will be on September 7, at 8:30 p.m. EDT.

    The game will feature the defending Super Bowl LI champion New England Patriots hosting the Kansas City Chiefs.
    The game will be televised on NBC.
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  3. Does WWEF have a Fantasy Football League?!
  4. When's the damn season starting, I wanna cry with Kevin and Pottsy while Aids laughs at us.
    I miss football and all the great things that come with it instead of watching ESP-CNN for my fix
  5. Patriots are 0-1.. I'm happy!

    Miss the Fantasy league though... now I'm sad...
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    So my Patriots start at 0-1 but ya know ....


    Also, because I love these ...

  7. Everything going alright down in Florida man?
  8. No idea, I live in North Carolina lol
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    LOL, oops. Legit thought you were a Miami-an this whole time, but hell. Outside of seeing this forum help you to through some real trouble it's none of my business really. Anyway the Road to the AFC East starts... Next week. :downer:

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  10. Not a Panthers fan?
  11. I would love to watch Football, But I cant without Cable. :emoji_cry:
    Im a fan of Football and Baseball. Would LOVE to visit the FootBall Hall of Fame near me someday.....
  12. Hell no.... been a Dolphins fan for 34 years. DIE HARD!
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  13. It broadcasts on CBS and FOX.. regular over the air channels.
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  14. :okay:
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  15. The Ravens' Defense is as back as Cam Newton's arm is whack. :tough:
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  16. :alone:
  17. No cable means NO Cable. :emoji_cry:
    .. Can only watch dvds
  18. Wait..... Unless ur talking bout the Radio.. the that I DO HV
  19. Get a TV antenna.. the channels that show the football games are free.
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