article compares players to WWE Superstars

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  1. Came here just to post this to piss you off. Shame you beat me to it. :kobe:
  2. I'm not a Romo hater, so it didn't bother me. Good comparison really.

    Besides, you think a fun article is going to piss me off on this blasphemous day of midget dominance?
  3. lol Punk is a punter
  4. Lol, piss you off in the fun sense of the word, let D'Z go off on a fun rant and we all share a laugh.

    Ravens had half the Nation of Domination when they played in the Super Bowl, how perfect is that? :lol1:

    Come on, man, don't be treating Ryder like that, lol.
  5. Wish I could find this without the text lol

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  6. Comparing Chris Jericho to Tom Brady is gross :mad1-61:
  7. Truthfully Brady is a lot more legendary in his sport than Y2J in his. Brady to Rock would have been better.
  8. OCD moment:

    Haloti Ngata = Mark Henry
    Andy Dalton = Sheamus
    Ryback = Rob Gronkowski


    Rob Gronkowski = Ryback


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