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  1. Seeing as MVP and POTY are obvious (Kuechly for DOPY) this is the one award I am looking forward to being announced. Who is your pick?

    The candidates:

    Bill Belichick- His name comes up every year, and many are driving his bandwagon for COTY saying it was his 'best coaching job ever'. He's a helluva coach, but in that division, with that QB, how can you not win 12 games? BB does NOT have the D'Z stamp of approval.

    Marvin Lewis- only listed because I hear his name mentioned. I probably underrated Lewis, but I just don't think he is that great. I think the Bengals are very, very talented and he has mostly underachieved in his tenure there, with ZERO playoff wins in 11 seasons.

    Andy Reid- a legit candidate, but not my choice. Reid 'turned' KC around, even though it was a roster littered with talent that just fell apart in 2012, but he gets a lot of love for the 'resurrection' again, the team wasn't in bad shape when he took over. Overrated team, solid coach, not COTY

    Mike McCoy- my choice to win the AFC West COTY (sorry Andy) but not my choice for NFL COTY. I think he did a helluva job in SD this year including turning Rivers' career back around along with Wiz.

    Chip Kelly- ding ding ding, D'Z approves of this candidate. Chip fucking Kelly should be a SHOE IN for COTY despite all of the other solid candidates. Even as late as week 4/5 people were shitting on Kelly, questioning his 'gimmick offense' (pro tip, wake up, it isn't a gimmick, its a legitimate offense) and the dude had his team as one to fear going into the NFC Playoffs. He re-unleashed DeSean, and had to deal with a QB conundrum that he handled like a champ, finding his future QB and still winning the division in the process. Chip Chip Chipadelphia!

    Ron Rivera- my personal runner up, I was calling for him to be fired after week 3. He proved me wrong though, adjusting his conservative ways in a complete 180 flip, becoming known as "riverboat Ron' for his tendency to go on 4th and short. I still feel like the Panthers regime is wasting Cam a bit with their offensive scheme and the lack of weapons around him, and I still don't think Rivera is a great coach, but he did well in 2013 and we will see where he goes from there.

    Sean Payton- I would be remiss to not mention Payton. The argument for him is simple. 2011, they have him on the sideline, they are great. 2012, he is suspended, they fall apart. 2013 he is back, they are great again. Pretty simple dynamic and who can argue? He is a great head coach in this league.

    Pete Carroll- The roster is stacked with talent which will hurt his candidacy, but you gotta love Petey C.

    Bruce Arians- Arizona may not have made the playoffs, but that doesn't make Arian's 10 win debut season any less impressive. If they can find a QB to throw the ball to Fitz, Floyd and Roberts that isn't so red in hue, they might be quite dangerous.

    A great year for NFL coaches, but I stick with Chip. So many candidates.
  2. There are 3 things I don't like about you 1. You being gay for Rand Paul 2. You being such a Ziggler mark and 3. You also being gay for Petey C.

    Anyways, I do agree with you on Chip Kelly being the COTY. Taking the poor Eagles team and then taking him to the playoffs is impressive. Reid is the best Eagles coach of all time doe.
  3. Buddy & Vermeil could've very well went down has better than Andy Reid had they been given as long of time as he was to coach.
    But yeah Chip Kelly COTY no doubt. Everybody was doubting them with a college coach and mid card talent going to be freshmeat for teams to eat, turned out we were the predators later on in the season (7-1 second half of season).
  4. I'm not really gay for Carroll or Rand Paul, I have a pretty short list of dudes I'd fuck, Ziggler is actually on it along with Biebs and Zack Morris. plus Roman Reigns obvi
  5. Ah, I always envisioned Roman having really rough sex.
  6. I'm surprised at the agreement for Kelly. Other places I post his name is rarely mentioned as people fap over Reid and Belichick.

    Who would you guys list as the #2 option then? For me its Rivera.
  7. It's a tie between Rivera and Reid.
  8. Andy Reid is COTY
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