NFL Discussion Thread: Week 1

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Holy fucking shitballs it is almost time. I work Thursday night so fuck me for that, but next Sunday its on like mother fucking donkey kong

    Week 1 games that look awesome: Green Bay/SF, Giants @ Dallas is always fun, ATL/New Orleans will be nuts in the SUperdome, Seattle/Carolina will be good and of course my main n word Terrelle Pryor will be opening eyes around the league with his great play in Indy.
  2. oh and I only used that printyourbrackets shit because it easily showed all the games. I'm not trying to run a pick em or anything
  3. I'm so fucking excited. The Broncos and Ravens game still haunts me from the playoffs last year. I remember, my friend and I both being in Buffalo have the Bills as our top teams, but his second favorite are the Ravens and mine being the Broncos. Broncos had that game won, they were going to the superbowl, and then that Ravens comeback. Can't wait for the Broncos to shit on em Thursday (I hope).

    And of course, very excited for my Bills but... all the injuries. Finally the Bills get a pretty quality team with a veteran backup and a jumpstart rookie QB. Both get injured. Our top CB gets injured and that backup sucks ass, and the defense is a bit shady. Either way, I think the Bills have still improved. TUEL TIME IN ONE WEEK WOOOOOOOOO
  4. I'm not that sad about missing Denver/Baltimore. I hate watching Baltimore play, frankly. Boring as allllllllllll fuck. That said, I hope they whoop the Broncos ass, but I don't see how. They were incredibly lucky to beat them in the playoffs last year

    As for Buffalo, you better lube up before the Pats come to town.
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  5. First time an undrafted rookie is starting week one since the 1970s or some shit. That being our 3rd string QB Tuel. If the Bills somehow win, I won't even be able to express my joy.

  6. Tuel aside, you won't be able to slow down the Pats offense.
  7. Yea I agree. Pats did lose a couple of their key players though but our defense probably still isn't enough.

  8. Losing Welker, Hernandez and Gronk (for now) is big.

    Amendola can replace Welker's production. The TEs are both studs but Brady is good enough to word with guys like Kenbrell Thomkins and Shane Vereen. The O Line is top 3 in the league in run blocking and pass protection. Ridley will have another monster year and Brady will be Brady.

    but yea, Bills D ain't scaring anybody either.
  9. You know you love dump-offs to Ray Rice and starting 35 year old receivers. Hey diddle diddle.
    Denver says they want Champ Bailey back for the game, sounds great.

    Watching Tuel play should be interesting, and the Bills' D was really underrated last year. Pats will be fine.

    We going to have bets up for NFL games this year?
  10. probably not unless you can talk Jonathan into putting them up
  11. Giants beat dallas by 10. IDC bout the rest, and just hope they are good.
  12. My man Tebows gonna win MVP

  13. Dallas isn't bad at all
  14. Can't wait for Monday Night, everyone thinks the Skins will blow out my Eagles..I think we can legit win this game, time to shock the world.
  15. Starts on my birthday, alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  16. Too bad Skins suck. I'm even from Maryland and know that.
  17. Giants have never lost in jerry world

  18. Well I hope they suck on Monday, I'll very happy.
  19. Who is everyone? I think the NFC East is wiiiiiiiiiiiide open. Philly's offense will be nice, but the D... eh.

    RGIII coming off injury is a huge question mark though.
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