NFL Discussion Thread: Week 11

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DK James, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Gonna turn on the TNF game in a few. Shocked Indy's sucking again wtf.
  2. Colts just need not to play thye first half of games atm
  3. Colts losing the plot on D
  4. Bring it Pottsy. :tough: As for fantasy, bring it Senhor. :tough: This weekend oughta be great.

    Should actually start betting on sports, kept a log of these and have a pretty good record (most weeks are 3-2 though), still for entertainment purposes only though even though nobody cares
    Indy -3 at Tennessee (Push)
    Cleveland +6 at Cincy
    New England +1 at Carolina
    Detroit -3 at Pittsburgh
    Seattle -13 vs Minnesota.

    Too many road teams?
  5. Giants by 2,000
  6. For some reason, I want the Giants to come back and win the super bowl.
  7. Suh and Fairley are going to eat Big Ben. Also, I can't wait for the Bronco's and Chiefs game.
  8. Huge game for my birds this week, with a 500 hundred record Foles need to have great game against the Skins and it won't be easy.
  9. Ed Reed better not fuck EJ too hard.
  10. For once, I am cheering for the Broncos. The Chiefs have had an easy schedule up until now. Also, I really hate Eagles fans, since most of my facebook is full of them all I see is how after the Green Bay win they are going to the super bowl. Laughable.
  11. Oh, some things in life are so easy to figure out.

    "Time to make a big playoff run"
    "Our players are gonna fuck that QB up!"
    "Really gotta win this one"
    "Hope we don't get killed too badly!"

    ^guess which one is a lifelong Bills fan? :haha: But srsly, the Jets got the 2013 version of Ed Reed. Have fun watching him chase Spiller everywhere.
    (Good locker room influence though)
  12. Today is going to be fun. Every game in the midwest to east coast today is going to be a mess. We are talking 30-60 mph winds at any given time with a down pour. Flex any RB you have gentleman.
  13. Let's try this again this week:
    Patriots but tough.
  14. Packers over giants?

    Interesting pick. The giants haven't allowed an offensive touchdown in 3 and a half games (outside of a 3 yard td on the opening drive last week after a Kickoff fumble) but ummm yeah... go Tolzien!
  15. Ouch sounds like that could make shit interesting then
  16. They say Chicago is going to be getting the worst of it right at kickoff too.
  17. Tornado warning in CHI town but they are going to play anyways, fuck it lol.
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  18. Forgot about Rodgers not starting but yea I still feel like Packers get this one hahah. It was a tough pick though for sure, it was like 60-40.
  19. I don't even think the packers get to 14 today.
  20. Pierre Garcon shaken up already, Geno Smith shaken up as well
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