NFL Discussion Thread: Week 2

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    SF/Seattle SNF will be awesome. Jax/OAK in the #1 pick bowl. Denver/NYG could be good. Other than that not the strongest slate of games, once again.
  2. Wsh/GB is a must watch.
  3. Carolina vs Buffalo game of the week. Everybody's gotta be watching that game
  4. no
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  5. Good call.

    My G-men need a W though. I don't know if it's likely though. The Broncos are so damn good
  6. NE win
    Atlanta wins
    Minnesota wins
    Green Bay wins
    Colts win
    KC wins
    Baltimore wins
    Houston wins
    San Diego wins
    Detroit wins
    N.O. Wins (sb pick 2-0)
    Oakland wins (i start Pryor in wwef fantasy against dolph for lol's)
    Denver wins
    Seattle wins (I'll pick them at home until they lose)
    Cincy wins

    I want to be wrong about the giants, but i'm not going to pick Eli over Peyton.
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  7. :obama:
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  8. Looking at the betting odds here, who to take... Jets +13, Washington +8, Arizona +2, Tennessee +10, St. Louis +7.

    For entertainment purposes only, instead of using my shitty picks for your own uses go donate your money to a homeless shelter or buy yourself a nice sandwich instead.(1-4 so far)
  9. Wouldn't touch the TEN game. STL +7 is intriguing, but probably another pass from me. Jets +13 is almost a joke, so that is where you should look IMO. You would have thought people learned after week 1, but apparently not.

    Zona as 2 point home dogs is sort of strange as well. They looked solid, but Detroit has been great throughout preseason and week 1.
  10. Haha, just posting these for fun. If there was a way to bet on sports down here would definitely throw money on the first 3. Bills +2 is interesting too.
  11. Vick Ballard gone to a torn ACL. Bradshaw will have to shoulder a lot more of the load a lot sooner than Indy had hoped. Donald Brown becomes the backup and he is trash.
  12. Bradshaw is a beast if he stays on the field.
  13. I've always felt he was underrated. His feet are lame though.
  14. I've always felt he was underrated. His feet are lame though.
  15. Yeah, every time it breaks it's because he won't go down, he gets his shit stepped on and it just rebreaks.
  16. A healthy Bradshaw has never not been good.
  17. You guys are missing a great game in Cleveland/Baltimore. This is riveting television. Must-see TV.

    zzzzzzzzzzz what else is on

    Holy crap, you Cheeseheads must be losing your minds!
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