NFL Discussion Thread: Week 3

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DK James, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Chiefs/Eagles game is going to be sick tonight. My Bills are gonna win, Broncos win again, and the Sunday Night game looks pretty good too.
  2. Bears to 3 - 0 hopefully them
  3. I don't even think Steelers have a shot unless they change drastically in the next few days. They were awful on Monday.
  4. Lets play the "Pick All The Games Against The Spread since Danny Won't Do It" game. Most comfortable with the first 5 rest is just random order. Sorry Danny and Brit for jinxing you guys :upset:

    Baltimore +2 vs Houston
    Cleveland +7 at Minnesota
    Seattle -19 vs Jacksonville (I'm not afraid)
    Giants -1 at Carolina
    Detroit PK at Washington
    New England -7 vs Tampa
    Tennessee -3 vs San Diego
    St. Louis +4 at Dallas
    New Orleans -7 vs Arizona
    Cincy +3 vs Green Bay
    Miami -3 vs Atlanta
    Indy +10 at San Fran
    Jets -3 vs Buffalo
    Chicago -3 at Pittsburgh
    Denver -15.5 vs Oakland
  5. Wait... do the minuses mean how many points they lose by? lol.
  6. Haha, it's the Vegas points spreads. Like "Seattle -19 over Jacksonville" means Seattle has to win by 19 for their side to win.
    That way you can't just get easy money throwing it on Seattle.
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  7. I'll pick against the fucking spread alright!

    San Diego
    Tamp Bay
    St Louis
    New Orleans
    Green Bay
    Ny Giants
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  8. Gotchaaaa hahah I was so confused for a second that you would've predicted Jacksonville to beat Seattle lol.
  9. My predictions:
    Thought the Chiefs will win since I'm Giants fan.
    Texan have this game in the bag.
    Giants will destroy the Panthers.
    Have to say Lions will win.
    Chargers will win this and Superbowl. (I'm serious about Superbowl)
    Saints win.
    Green Bay.
    Colts. Really like Luck.
    Bears easily win.
    Broncos torture the Raiders Monday.
  10. HEY HAVE YOU SEEN MY BOY CLAY MATTHEWS!? He's been looking extra in shape so far this season. Out of bounds what? lol what a guy.
  11. Bored so I made my predictions:

    Hmmm tough one. Packers since Bengals have some key injuries.

  12. [​IMG]

  13. What makes you think the Bills beat the Jets at home? Jets D >> Bills D. Rookie QB = Rookie QB.
  14. Teams are only seperated by 6 hours and plenty of fans will be there rooting for the bills. It's hardly an inconvenience. Bills just have a better roster, more offense threats, and mario has been mario this year.

  15. Mario is good, but the Bills D isn't great outside of him. Jets D has been lights out.

    Sounds like a sig bet
  16. We'll see. Got a feeling it will come down to which rookie qb sucks less. Both have a game winning drive aided by penalities though. Interesting.
  17. Ultimately comes down to which offensive coaching staff puts their QB in the situation to succeed.

    This is why I lean towards the Jets (besides being at home). The Bills Run D ain't any good, so expect the Jets to get Ivory and Powell going to help Geno. Meanwhile the Bills won't be able to establish the run against the Jets stout run D and more falls on Manuel in his first road start. Recipe for disaster.
  18. Here is the kicker, the bills have players to throw the rock to though.
  19. Not so much against good defenses. Cro will shut down Stevie. Bills #2 receiver is a rookie.

    Jets will hold that O to under 250 total yards offense.
  20. Maybe, still think the bills have an overall better roster and will win.
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