NFL Discussion Thread: Week 4

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DK James, Oct 3, 2013.

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  1. Will add schedule later.
  3. Never added schedule. Fail
  4. Welp. This is a fail.

    Packers win by 82
  5. Bet you they win by 100
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  6. I knew 82 just didnt feel big enough. You win again, bro.
  7. Is it just me or is the site taking a shit?
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  8. Just you as far as i can tell.
  9. I meant, it's far less amusing as it used to be.
  10. Packers and the Lions should be prime time

  11. I only watch the Lions in case suh decides to murder someone.
  12. The whole defense last week filled Jay Cutlers diaper.
  13. I'm having a good laugh with my new username, but yeah, it's been a lot less active as of late. As long as that translates to less locker room random questions/BLFFL Raw threads, im okay with it.

    I think it has a lot to do with how bad WWE has been since SS, TNA being hated like hell, and a lot of the kids who posted 100+ times a day having school again. Whammy.

    ETA Also GTAV coming out took a lot of activity away.
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  14. I haven't watched wrestling for 2 months lol
  15. Rainman you watching the packers game today?
  16. The only thing youve missed is Golddust.
  17. I miss Dolph's. How's that for a 15,000th post. Without him around the NFL thread just feels inadequate.

    In the WS outside of Cynthio posting news now and then nobody's making any good threads, the real Crayo is gone most of the time though. The holes Dolph's and Gohan left are huge, and we've been overrun by less quality posters than the ones before + a few more cool guys. Swear the reason I'm always on here has come down to "hey, wonder if my "girlfriend" sent me anything today?" or if Testify or Shadow is doing anything cool in the subforum.

    Aids, promise you you'll get my MOTM vote this month if they ever put the shit up.

    Anyway, on topic: Woo, another unwatchable Ravens game with huge playoff implications. DAMN YOU JEFF TOOL! We can't fall behind a fucking tanking Cleveland team.

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  18. Im pretty sure Dat Kid buried the MOTM last month. Danny woods back to back MotM, what a boss. If they did put up MOTM voting id probably win just from all the people who dont read the rules, and love themselves some Crayo. So easily confused.

    WF really got an upgrade by banning BLFFL. Trading her opinions for some quality D'Z posts. :pity:
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  19. Probably not. Is it prime time? Shame that pussy kept you out of the fantasy league. You missed this:

    Show Spoiler

    Skip says: if Gohan somehow wins this game....
    Wed, Oct 2, 4:17pm View Week 5 Game Center
    Frank says: I WILL PROJECTION DON'T ME SHIT! I was projection to lose by 25 point and I beat the guy by 56 points! I don't go by projection!
    Wed, Oct 2, 8:39pm
    Skip says:
    I certainly don't go by projections. Anyone with two eyes and a brain can see that your team is dog shit. Danny's team is actually talented. Just look at the total points scored, records are just luck, which you seem to have a lot of.
    Thu, Oct 3, 7:15am
    Frank says:
    is also go by who start the right people at the right danny does start right guy which why he is at 1-3. u said that shit last year and i made to fansay bowl u wanted to way b/c i know what the fuck i am doing! I lot of learge just basic margeing my team right! u trade bow for knicks which was a dumb of a trade!
    Thu, Oct 3, 12:19pm
    Skip says: Bowe is a free agent now dipshit. Nicks is going to rape the Eagles Sunday. And who was it that whooped your stupid ass in the finals? Oh yea, me, pussy.
    Frank says:the point is that I made that and u said no change and I made b/c I know what I doing yet beat but that does mean I crap at this me getting there prove that am good at doing what I doing!
    Thu, Oct 3, 2:29pm
    Skip says:
    I can barely decipher what you are trying to say. Bottom line is your team sucks and I am the best.

    Thu, Oct 3, 2:40pm
    Frank says: MY TEAM DOES NOT SUCK!
    Skip says: It does. You have Rodgers, Boldin, gimpy White and injured S-Jack. Powell is OK and Thomas is a nice TE. You have one (1) superstar and that is A-Rod. Your depth is laughable. You have probably the 2nd worse team in the league behind that pussy fuck shadow
    Fri, Oct 4, 8:40am

    Auto Drafted Bum Squad added Dwayne Bowe WR - KC and dropped Chris Givens WR - STL
    Fri, Oct 4, 12:19am
    Skip says:Hey Gohan you fuckstick what were you saying about my Dwayne Bowe trade? Now i have TWO shitty WRs instead of one. Suck it.
    Fri, Oct 4, 12:05 pm
    Frank says:
    fuck u sign him b/c I want him! fuck off
    12 hours ago
    Skip says: I'll trade him to you dog
    31 minutes ago
  20. Who is skip...D'z?
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