NFL Discussion Thread: Week 6

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DK James, Oct 13, 2013.

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  2. Are the Jaguars seriously that close to the Broncos right now... If the Jaguars win I'm going to re-evaluate life.
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  3. I wanted them to win so bad
  4. I like the Jags and all but I definitely did not want them to be the team to beat the Broncos lol. Dat Fauria dance though.
  5. I'm a huge fan of David vs Goliath games, plus being a Florida native helped me root for them too. Fauria's dance will automatically get them to the superbowl.
  6. I can't wait to see more of his dances throughout the season, I feel like he has a bunch ready to use.
  7. Also, Calvin Johnson was barely used in the game and we still won. :bitw:
  8. DeSean is my fucking favorite player in the league (along with TP ofc)

    whooping Revis' ass, silencing haters

  9. With Rob Ryan gone, the Cowboys are seriously growing on me.
  10. Rob Ryan deserves COTY for what he has done in Nawlins
  11. Yup, my nfc SB pick looking like the favorite. Pretty proud of myself. Still have den winning it.
  12. He's on my money fantasy team. Any word on when he will be playing more?
  13. Josh Freeman starting at QB vs the Giants.

    Congrats, Danny.

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  14. Agreed but I hated him in Dallas. Don't hate him in NO as much.
  15. Freeman >> Cassel > dead fish>>>> Ponder
  16. So he's better than Matt Cassel at QB. Yippie.
  17. Freeman is around 18-20 if I ranked QBs in the order that I would want them starting for m team.
  18. Right now I think they just want him safe,we can't afford to lose him again. I bet he'll be used against the Bengals a lot this week so don't worry.
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  19. I don't think Josh Freeman is bad, but I'll definitely take Glennon over him.
  20. If they can get his head together he at least has the potential to be franchise guy, there's a few starters who don't atm.

    Lets play a little game here...

    Would rather have Ryan, Newton, Cutler, Romo, Manning, Manning, Stafford, Rodgers, Luck, Tannehill, Brees, Brady, Pryor, Vick, Foles, Roethlisberger, Rivers, Kaep, Wilson, Griffin... guess I've gotta throw in Schaub and Flacco based on history even though they've been so bad this year, conversely with how good Locker's been he's a coin flip. Keeping Geno, Manuel, and Glennon off the list since we haven't seen enough.

    Only guys I'd take him over are A. Smith, Palmer, Dalton, Weeden, both Jaguars, Bradford, and the other two Viking bums, unless some of those guys up there are surprisingly bad and only doing well because of smoke and mirrors (looking at you, Foles)

    So if you're still paying attention to this, throwing this in: (Psst! Run to a casino! Bills +9!)
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