NFL discussion thread week 8

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Varus, Oct 24, 2013.

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    Currently watching the Bucs and Panthers. Lets just say I'm not impressed
  2. Mike Glennon and Vincent Jackson have amazing chemistry.
  3. Cam doesn't look too bad right now
  4. The Bucs are pros at making other teams look elite.
  5. This is a thing? Cool.

    Another unwatchable Thursday Night game down. Can we get rid of these yet?
  6. Whats a thing?

    TB and CAR use to have classical games, sad to see how bad last night was.
  7. I'll tell you what is sad. The Panthers are going to win enough games to save Ron Rivera's job... again
  8. I'd still fire him and go after Bill Cowher
  9. Just was surprised to see the thread open already.
  10. I would have fired him during or after last season
  11. 49ers

    Those are your winners
  12. Raiders will beat the Steelers. Coming off a bye, Steelers coming to the west coast... Steelers D is too slow for Pryor.
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  13. If you count the London game, which is primetime over there "across the pond", we get the Bucs, Rams, Vikings, and Jaguars on primetime TV this week!

    This week blows, but that Redskins/Broncos oughta be great.
  14. I plan on making them every thursday.

    So pumped for the Lions and Cowboys game, it's a situation where the Lions HAVE to win.
  15. It won't be easy,but send Dallas home with 4-4!
  16. Prime time games suck but I'm fairly excited for the day games today. Raiders/Steelers later of course, but that aside..

    Dallas/Detroit should be fun.
    Bravehearts vs the suddenly mortal Broncos
    Cleveland will give KC a run for their money (trap game for KC)
    I'm an Eagles mark, always love PHI vs NYG. Vick returns
    Jets/Cincy will be smashmouth (hey now, you're an all star get your game on go play)
    Miami/NE for first place
  17. So I made bets on a handful of teams to win this week so here is who I have.


    I think I have this on lockdown
  18. is this ATS or straight up winners?
  19. Straight up winners
  20. picking 5 winners in the NFL is way harder than it should be. Pats at home will be tough for Miami, and the Raiders/Steelers game is a coin flip at best for us. BOL though
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