NFL Discussion Thread: Week 9

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DK James, Oct 31, 2013.

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    Can't believe it's already week 9. Watching the Bengals/Dolphins now. The Andy Dalton that led his team to 4 wins in a row looks horrible tonight, 2 picks that could have been avoided. Plus, Geno Atkins is injured. Big shot to the Bengals.
  2. what a run by Gio Bernard for the TD
  3. [​IMG]


  4. Cowboys
    BILLS over Chiefs

    Book it Danny
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  5. Lions are on a bye week.

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  6. Same with giants. Sucks
  7. Did you guys hear about Blackmon getting suspended? I guess I would get high too if I had to play for the Jaguars.
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  8. If Thad does play tomorrow, no doubt the Bills have a good shot at stopping the Chiefs. Don't think we could without Thad.
  9. idk why but I want the Chiefs to lose so bad. I mean shit, they barely beat the Browns....IN THEIR OWN STADIUM.
  10. Bets I like this week:
    -Tennessee -3 at St. Louis
    -Minnesota +10 at Dallas (as long as Ponder's under center, Dallas -10 vs Freeman sounds good)
    -Jets +6 vs New Orleans
    -New England -7 vs Pittsburgh
    -Buffalo +4 vs Kansas City
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  11. I just like to root for the underdog. Let's go bills!
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  12. I know this is old news, but I'm still pissed that Dez Bryants pouting got more media attention than our last minute win.
  13. Broncos coach John Fox suffered a heart attack tonight. Turns out he is okay. That really blows, and as bad as it sounds at least it was during a bye week so he can at least try to rest.
    Edit: Wait nope, not a heart attack but it was something similar enough that they thought it was one. Either way, my thoughts remain the same.
  14. Probably crazy for saying this but if this Jason Campbell thing is legit then Cleveland isn't a bad team at all.
  15. Jeff Tuel starting for Bills today. You guys might want to change your predictions of the Bills winning. :upset:
  16. sounds like the Bills may be running a lot then
  17. Yea, Spiller should be in time to time. Chiefs defense is hard to run on though. Hopefully Tuel has improved in the last 3-4 weeks.
  18. Boy is it odd reading this now :lol1:

    How is it that after years of crap QB's it looks like you have 3 adequate ones now? (And Matt Flynn)
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  19. Well Bill leads by 7 at the half, nice job so far, and the Jets giving the Saints a good run for sure, pretty much running all over them
  20. RG3 is a fucking monster
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