NFL Discussion: Week 14

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TheTNHMaster, Dec 3, 2013.

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  2. Can't believe the regular season is almost over already. It feels like it goes by so fast. Go Eagles.
  3. This is a unreal stat that I couldn't believe was true but is. If Nick Foles threw 50 INTS in a row he would still have a higher qb rating than Geno Smith.
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  4. Idk why I love Petey C so much, just do

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  5. Bets added... .net/bets/
  6. still 1/4 of the season left. I agree it goes by fast though
  7. Yeah it sucks it's almost over. Pretty bummed about it because Bball has about 2 months before It picks up.

    Teams be like defense? what's that?
  8. best part of the NFL season is playoffs. we still have 2 solid months of football left and by the time the SB is over the AS break will be approaching and then we are on the down half of the NBA season. this is the GOAT time of year for sports
  9. GEAUX SAINTS :tough:
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  10. Saints vs Panthers 2 times this month is going to be a lot of fun. Probably my two favorite teams to watch along with Philly
  11. I enjoy a good game, especially with division rivals....but we're still gonna bury them :tough:
  12. I prefer october. Baseball playoffs and NFL starting (hopes are alive for the season) I see your point though, and March/April is another great time with NBA, Opening day, March Madness.
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  13. I wouldn't want to be the Panthers this week, that's for sure. Brees and company returning to the Dome off the embarrassing national television loss... they gonna be amped up.

    That said I would favor Carolina when the Saints have to go to their building as well. If they split I think NO wins the div. based on tie breakers
  14. For me any time there is overlap between the NFL and NBA I am in sports heaven.
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  15. I dig it. Basically a preference with baseball being my favorite sport followed by nfl or nba. Hard to rank the two, I love em both.
  16. Gonna be a tough game for the Eagles trying to stop Stafford, Bush, and Megatron.
  17. I always wished I could be more into baseball. I follow it but I've never really had a passion for it like the other two leagues I follow.
  18. Nobody is stopping Megatron, especially your last ranked pass D
  19. Gonna have to outscore them I guess.
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