NFL Discussion: Week 16

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  2. Went 8-8 last week.

  4. Subbing to thread, playoff scenarios in spoilier:

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    -Denver can win the AFC West and get a first round bye with a win + a KC Loss. They clinch homefield with that + an NE loss
    -New England can win the AFC East if they win OR Miami loses. They can get a first round bye if Indy and Cincy lose as well.
    -Cincy can win the AFC North if they win and Baltimore loses, can clinch playoffs with a win + a Miami loss
    -Baltimore can clinch playoffs with a win + losses by Miami and San Diego
    -Seattle can clinch the NFC West + homefield with a win or a San Francisco loss.
    -New Orleans can clinch the NFC South + a first-round bye with a win
    -Carolina can clinch a playoff spot with a win
    -San Francisco can clinch a playoff spot with a win or a loss by Arizona
    -Philadelphia can win the NFC East with a win + a Dallas loss
    -Chicago can win the NFC North win a win + losses by Detroit and Green Bay

    Minnesota +7 1/2 at Cincy
    New Orleans +3 at Carolina
    Washington +3 vs Dallas
    San Diego -10 vs Oakland
    San Fran -12 vs Atlanta
  5. Geez Fox burning the Redskins early on their horrible stats on Special Teams, don't worry the Cowboys defense is just as bad.
  6. Isn't NFC East football the best?

  7. Yeah every team is bad at something lol.
  8. This Browns team is going to be so much fun to watch with Johnny Football next year
  9. PEYTON MANNING! :yay:
  10. Fuck.You.Saints.Defense
  11. Gonna make a Saints rant thread after this game.
  12. Cowboys with the skin of their teeth beat the Skins.We all found out why the Skins are so bad not being able to hold leads.I guess my Bears vs Eagles game mean shit now.As much as I want my team go in hard tonight with momentum into Dallas, Foles will have the test of his life next week gulp.
  13. Welp, here it comes.
  14. Dear NBC: I told you that Ravens/Patriots would be the better Sunday NIght game, you oughta be on this random wrestling forum reading stuff. We know football.
    Pittsburgh and the Giants can help this game not mean shit for either team.
  15. Also, FUCK THE BILLS!
  16. Hey @DK James great win by the Bills today! (Oops, probably unleashing a firestorm by tagging you)
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  17. Pats never lose two in a row.
  18. Hahahah I love the Chiefs but I laugh at them falling apart.
  19. Doesn't mean Baltimore shouldn't show up. That was embarrassing.

    Need help from a Kansas City team with nothing to play for or the Jets next week. Bye bye playoff hopes.
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