NFL Discussion: Week 17

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TheTNHMaster, Dec 25, 2013.

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    steelers, giants, bengals, texans, colts, jets, vikings, panthers, saints, patriots, seahawks, packers, cardinals, broncos, chargers, cowboys
  3. Steelers
    Eagles. Cowboys if Tebow is signed.
  4. Excited for basically three games today:

    1.) Carolina/Atlanta- big game for a young team trying to get over the hump and win the division. I think ATL gives them all they can handle
    2.) Rodgers' return- I think they will bitch slap the Bears
    3.) NFC East SNF- Eagles pimp slapping the Cowboys will be fun
  5. who's on today? Rain? Danny? You around?
  6. Can't decide if I want to bother rooting for Baltimore today. :haha: Just end this season and get a better draft pick, or say "At least we made it in! Yay!"

    San Diego in the Playoffs >>>
  7. SD is maybe slightly more dangerous, but not by much really. They are more exciting to watch at least.

    I fear Miami will get in though and the AFC WC round will be a useless Miami @ Cincy and KC @ Indy. who the fuck wants to watch that shit
  8. Falcons driving early.

    I'm telling you guys, Saints may wind up with the division today.
  9. San Diego's been playinig better defense lately to go with their already pretty good offense. Very few teams in the playoffs are playing as well as they are right now, much more interesting than this shitty Ravens squad

    Carolina's winning that one, but damn are the Falcons not making it easy. Jackson's tearing them up.

    Where is Danny? Would rather shush and enjoy the last week of the season, but somebody needs to entertain you. :pity:
  10. Wow, already have a really nice lead in fantasy, 0 to -2. Thanks, MJD!

    Seriously, it's championship week and my lead isn't daunting. Pick up a fucking quarterback you dickwagon
  11. I'm telling you, ATL's winning this.
  12. lol week 17 championships

    that's amateur hour
  13. Andy Dalton will throw more TD's for the Ravens today than Flacco at this rate. Damn.

    i'm telling you, ATL's covering this
  14. if I were betting games this season (I might starting in the playoffs) I would have parlayed ATL +240 and NO -11.5 and probably won. My friend is a Panthers mark and I was telling him this is what was going to happen. He didn't buy it.
  15. You say you may starting in the playoffs, what's the spread on a KC/IND first round game going to be? This is screaming Dolph's making easy money betting against the fraud Chiefs
  16. It might be pretty high considering Indy went into Arrowhead and embarrassed them. Right now my book has both the Chiefs and Colts at equal SB odds, so it could be the conventional 3 point home spread, or maybe 4.5 or 5 because of the earlier game results. I can't picture the 11/12 win Chiefs getting a TD, even on the road, come playoff time.
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  17. Gonna be some strange results today for sure, Ravens really need to get in the endzone while on top to help playoff chances
  18. Panthers O is ugly without Smith. Lafell is a shitty #2 WR, let alone #1.

    Panthers may not get a TD unless Cam produces something magical.
  19. They better find a way into the Twilight Zone then, feels like it's been 8 years since they've scored a legit TD
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  20. ATL's O stalling now but if they can gt to 17-20 points I think that is plenty to outscore the Panthers today honestly.
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