NFL draft safety prospect 60 inch vertical box jump

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  2. Also says in the description he has a 500lb squat which is seriously impressive.
  3. Is he some kind of Kangaroo man hybrid?
  4. This guy says he is a 5th or 6th round prospect, but I see him going higher than that. Maybe the late 3rd or 4th.

    Maybe a tad undersized for an NFL Safety, but he probably makes up for it with those crazy ups. 6 blocked kicks is no joke, he could at least be a great special teams player if he doesn't make it as a starter at safety.


    Just the kind of freak athlete you see playing American football
  5. Most likely did squats like no other and the natural leap program along with other vertical leap helpers. Most likely did it for a year continuously.
  6. This is the thread about the guy with sick hops, not your mom

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