NFL Draft Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Anyone watching? I'm working but highly interested in pick #3 obviously.

    Round 1 is tonight

  2. I really hope we trade down to acquire more picks, but if not I would find either Fischer the OT or Floyd/Star the DTs acceptable. Wouldn't lose sleep over a pass rusher like Dion Jordan either.

    Really the only way we fuck this up is if we stay at 3 and take Geno Smith. If that happens I'll drive to Raiders HQ and murder McKenzie my damn self.
  3. They'd be stupid not to take Floyd if he's available. Best overall defensive player in the draft IMO.
  4. I like both he and Star. IMO Floyd is more disruptive while Star is more solid/consistent. Floyd is the much better pass rusher, which is what we desperately need. I think Floyd can become similar to JJ Watt for the Raiders.
  5. They have a hole in the position that needs to be filled, I wouldn't trade down and lose out on Floyd. It's an easy decision, hopefully they don't fuck it up.
  6. We have many weak spots on this roster. If we can get a team, say the Jets (since they have extra picks from Revis) to give us the 9th overall + a 3rd + a 4th? I'd be all over that. Especially since we are so low on picks this year from the Hue GM era.
  7. I'm going to probably watch the first hour.
  8. I keep seeing Milliner to Cleveland which makes no sense to me. That team needs some offensive explosiveness, not an injury prone defensive back.
  9. The hypothetical third and fourth might turn out to be duds. I'd much rather go for the practically sure thing.
  10. No such thing is a sure thing. I've seen the Raiders take 'sure things' like Robert Gallery who turn into shit things.
  11. I know... Its the same old thing every year, they take the player that makes everyone say "WTF BROWNS!" lol Their defense is fine, they need offense help.
  12. At least you all hit a home run with Richardson last year. That dude is a stud.
  13. This should be fun! One of the best days of the year. Looking forward to watching several hours of draft coverage, critique every pick like I or anyone else know shit, then watch my team trade out of the first round and make me feel like I want my several hours of my life back. :yay: *holds up pepsi* Cheers to the NFL Draft!

    (As for the Raiders, you guys have been saying loudly you really really want one of the elite tackles, and Sharrif's a backup plan. Probably a smokescreen to fool Detroit. Hope it works!)
  14. yeah Browns have a few great players... Never can seem to get a good QB though. :downer:
  15. You don't like mediocre 30 year old rookie QBs??? Then yea, Weeden's not your guy.
  16. I guess we have a deal in place w/ Atlanta?

    Source in #Falcons organization says "if our guy is there, we will pull the trigger, the package is agreed upon" #Raiders #NFLDraft

    Hearing potential trade would include "multiple 2013/2014 draft picks as well as players" being involved #NFLDraft #Raiders #Falcons

    Source here in #Atlanta : #Falcons and #Raiders in "very serious discussions" involving a trade including Raiders 1st round pick #NFLDraft

    wonder who their guy is?
  17. fuck matt Ryan. If that is the deal in place we are looking at getting a ton of picks and some players though
  18. Bears predicted draft pick is Manti Teo. could be a good one
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