NFL Fans: Give Peyton Manning a break.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Snowman, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. It's not his fault that Champ Bailey (or anyone he played with in Indianapolis) couldn't cover anybody. Torrey Smith burned him so many times that they had to give him safety help, which opened up lanes for Ray Rice. That's on Fox or Del Rio for thinking 34-year old Bailey could cover him.

    It's not his fault that those referees simply sucked... you guys watched that game. A missed Tuck Rule call, calling phantom pass interference and missing real PI, and several others. Yeah, bad calls went both ways as they always do, but most of the bad calls favored Baltimore.

    It's not his fault that Flacco had all day to throw... where were Dumervil and Miller? Did they even suit up?

    Who was calling the plays? Why did they run the ball 40 times? It wasn't working that well... This isn't 1985, 25 times is enough with Manning at the helm.

    The interception at the end was his fault, but really, the game shouldn't have gone to overtime if the defense could have stopped a nosebleed. Shame that the 98 percent of the game where we saw Manning-caliber play will be forgotten in favor of the 2 percent of Sanchez-caliber play.
  2. Manning was essentially outscored 35-21 in regulation by Flacco (2 special teams TDs by Holiday) and then blew the game for his team in OT.

    I love Manning, but he had another one of his bad playoff games that people hate on him for.
  3. I don't blame Peyton. I don't even blame the defense of Denver. Most coverages have a depth limit and he simply didn't think flacco could throw that far. I give the credit all to Baltimore.
  4. Agree with Danny, Ravens were the better team. Peyton had a good game, Flacco was better this time.
  5. I blame Peyton, simply because even with all of that, they still had a chance. Rumor has it he audibled into runs late in the forth that set up the tying touchdown. He also should have fought against kneeling. All he had to say was "I'm Peyton fucking Manning! Let me throw the ball!" And even after all of that, they had a chance.

    The real reason why it's his fault is because the interception he threw in overtime. They still had a chance to win even with all of the stuff that happened before. It was a bad decision and a bad throw, and in s game where both teams couldn't move the ball in o.t. he blew it. So it's his fault.

    And that's coming from a ravens fan, who was extremely surprised by Joe Flacco, but not by T burning champ Baileys old ass.

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  6. I personally take it as not a big deal. Who honestly thought when the colts essentially gave him away, we would see him back in his old form, hell i doubted he would hit 8-8. This is a setback, but to me he was beat by the better team (barely, and wasnt him that put it into overtime, it was everyone) and I can bet the broncos will be better next year, and we will all go back to things as they were in 2009-10
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